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Beauty & Brains

Beauty & Brains aesop Primrose & Sage face mask w the book of branding Who says you can’t have both? Break out the butter….. (or in the case the facemask) Advertisements

The Procrastinator

The Procrastinator

Procrastionator on Toast

The Cadbury Gorilla


The Cadbury Gorilla.. in researching for an assignment i stumbled across this awesome old Cadbury add.

Procrastination & StickyTape

Procrastination & StickyTape

Howdy Toasters

Ah study saturday. it’s always a joy to be stuck inside on a nice day.

maybe i should buy some rolls of sticky tape and get creative (ie practice the masterful art of procrastination). There’s some great tape art (and other uses) here.

What will you do with sticky tape? (suggestion, don’t put it over the holes in the Toaster.. you’ll burn the toast and i’ll never get out)

Toast Out

Empty Nest I: middle aged, WTF?!?!

Howdy Toasters, ** Warning: this blog contains confronting news that is not suitable for, well, anyone**** I bring shocking news from the marketing segmentation front. I was innocently reading my (full of hate)… Continue reading

Lady Antebellum – Music to Study By


Saturday is study day… this is great to study to!