the artist – enlightened

Howdy Toasters, The artist is a fictional character, here he previews his latest work and discusses his inspiration. I’d been planning a new work for sometime but just wasn’t connected to any of my projects and nothing i was creating was worthy of evolving into major works. I was tired, angry with my lack of creativity, hallucinogenicly sleep deprived & high from a days long banquet of illicitness, believing I’d finally exhausted my talent, in that melodramatic way you do, and needing some light to dawn in the chasm i was staring down when I saw the lamp glowing in … Continue reading the artist – enlightened

if you’re not born with it just buy it

Howdy Toasters, An interesting question was raised today with a couple of the weight watchers I work with. Over the weekend I met Vernesa and Sophie , a couple of the new reality stars of the Aussie show The Shire, (for those outside of Oz it’s our answer to Jersey and Geordie Shore). You may not know who they are but just roll with me here, I’ll get to the point. (oh and watch the promo at the bottom of the page) Watching the show, out of everyone I was fascinated and a little excited by these two. Unashamedly enhanced … Continue reading if you’re not born with it just buy it

bootcamp, the beastly bastard

Howdy Toasters With days to go appears that the predictable pattern of the winter unwells has kicked in already…  (with it not even officially winter yet do i need to call it the autumn ails?) Feeling like i’ve done everything (well almost everything) right in preparation to not get sick you could say i’m a little Farkuckt … my morning routine of vitamins, pills, powders and potions to get me going and (try) and keep me healthy looks like a some kind of space age breakfast that really should have done the trick…..but no. It could be said that running … Continue reading bootcamp, the beastly bastard