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the artist – enlightened

Howdy Toasters, The artist is a fictional character, here he previews his latest work and discusses his inspiration. I’d been planning a new work for sometime but just wasn’t connected to any of… Continue reading

if you’re not born with it just buy it

Howdy Toasters, An interesting question was raised today with a couple of the weight watchers I work with. Over the weekend I met Vernesa and Sophie , a couple of the new reality… Continue reading

bootcamp, the beastly bastard

Howdy Toasters With days to go appears that the predictable pattern of the winter unwells has kicked in already…  (with it not even officially winter yet do i need to call it the… Continue reading

Empty Nest I: middle aged, WTF?!?!

Howdy Toasters, ** Warning: this blog contains confronting news that is not suitable for, well, anyone**** I bring shocking news from the marketing segmentation front. I was innocently reading my (full of hate)… Continue reading