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adventuresontoast – New York pt 2 : The drinking game

Howdy Toasters, So one of the lessons learned, actually remembered is probably better terminology, while adventuring is that US bars serve booze in a way designed to knock an elephant off it’s trunk… Continue reading

Holiday….. with a side of empty neurosis

Howdy Toasters, Planning a holiday should be a wonderful, exciting thing. New adventures, new places, new lifestyle, new streets, food to taste, shops to see, bars to play in, the list of exploration… Continue reading

642:10 What does writers block feel like?

Howdy Toasters, Nothing is flowing. Finding my characters, creating their story, bringing them to life, writing something interesting, finishing an idea, it’s just not happening. Every idea sounds too self interested, not creative… Continue reading

642:8 describe in detail the most boring thing imaginable

Howdy Toasters, Alphabetising music, movie and tv collections, counting fruit as it’s cut to ensure an even number of pieces and the need for colour patterns are all special quirks that freak me… Continue reading

The tale of the Roller Skating Drag Queen…and other life lessons

Howdy Toasters! Something happened recently, a reminder to never take yourself too seriously and that it’s always better to be laughed with than at. This is the story of that incident. “Ok Puss… Continue reading

Life is all about the Banter

Howdy Toasters,        Life is all about the banter, it’s pretty simple when you think about it. Banter is like the jumping castle we wish we all had in our backyard (or… Continue reading

Beauty & Brains

Beauty & Brains aesop Primrose & Sage face mask w the book of branding Who says you can’t have both? Break out the butter….. (or in the case the facemask)

The Procrastinator

The Procrastinator

Procrastionator on Toast

Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows – Lesley Gore


After my last post i thought something light and happy was needed.

This song just happens to always put a smile on dial and warm my toast

Clowns seriously freak me out

Clowns seriously freak me out

Among other random fears i’m a little scared of clowns…

oh the fun you can have tormenting yourself

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