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Osamu Tezuka, Manga and fire safety

Howdy Toasters, In the world of the retronaut, one of my favourite sites that i’ve mentioned before, there is everything… including a different approach to art of the Manga master, Osamu Tezuka. He… Continue reading

Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster

Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster

Howdy, (prepare to be amazed)

Just when you thought toasters could not get any more totesriffic…..Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster!

another piece of history from The Retronaut


Todays toast is served with bacon (obvs) and maple syrup (do it!)


Six Flags Amusement Park, New Orleans

Six Flags Amusement Park, New Orleans

Retronaut is one of my favourite sites. It explores the past, the obscure, the unusual, the abandoned, the quirky and the forgotten and is a fascinating place to explore. http://www.retronaut.co/

It’s like traversing time, space and parallel universes (without even needing a Tardis)

Being a fan of amusements parks (which i never get to) and photography with an edge, i love this this slighty creepy set from the now closed and abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans.