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642 – 7: What a character holding a blue object is thinking right now.

        It was all she could think about. The blue was even more vibrant than she remembered, like the ocean on a bright summer day. She was reminded of The… Continue reading

Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster

Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster

Howdy, (prepare to be amazed)

Just when you thought toasters could not get any more totesriffic…..Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster!

another piece of history from The Retronaut


Todays toast is served with bacon (obvs) and maple syrup (do it!)


Empty Nest I: middle aged, WTF?!?!

Howdy Toasters, ** Warning: this blog contains confronting news that is not suitable for, well, anyone**** I bring shocking news from the marketing segmentation front. I was innocently reading my (full of hate)… Continue reading