2016 Smile Jar

By the end of 2016 my Smile Jar was filled with over 100 happy moments, Instagram had over 100 more. Continue reading 2016 Smile Jar


Brandi Carlile – Hard Way Home

Howdy Toasters, Please meet one of my newly discovered music artists, Brandi Carlile. A great country sound and style that takes me off into a mountain daydream. Kick back and enjoy   Bear Creek is her latest album, i’m in a little bit of country love. Break out the butter, ill be back real soon. In the meantime check out her site for more Not toasted any music recently, shame on me. Continue reading Brandi Carlile – Hard Way Home

Serenading in your sleep

Howdy Toasters! So every now and then a first happens.. when we were young they happened all the time, first step, first word, first day at school, first day on the job, first kiss, first hot kiss, first shag, first time trying to sneak out unseen past the housemates of the stranger you met the night before, not quite sure where you are really wishing you had your sunnies as much as a panadol…not that i’ve ever found myself in that situation…. anyway, i digress, where was i? Oh yes, firsts… as we get older they tend to happen less … Continue reading Serenading in your sleep