When the comments about depression are depressing

A bit of empathy and understanding from good mates while I kick my own ass back into gear is what i need.. But i’ll pass on the cup of concrete to “toughen up” though. Continue reading When the comments about depression are depressing


What I learned from the Fear of Abseiling

Yesterday I went abseiling to raise awareness for The David Martin Foundation, an organisation that supports young people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Well I tried to anyway. As I stood on the edge the building, 33 stories and 135 metres high, overlooking Sydney’s Darling Harbour on a stunningly beautiful day, fear took over and I froze. I was incredibly disappointed as I’d been looking forward to the abseil, not just because of the great cause it was in aid of, but because of the challenge it presented. To crawl back over the railing defeated was a little heart … Continue reading What I learned from the Fear of Abseiling

3 things I’ve learned in my first 24 hours of unemployment

  Howdy Toasters, Unemployment is nerve racking. Even if you have a loaded bank account the prospect of no income – for some no purpose – is one that can be confronting and give our confidence a hit. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. Like many situations we find ourselves in, it’s all down to attitude. In my first 24 hours of unemployment, today, there are 3 valuable lessons that I’ve learned. Don’t Panic, don’t play the victim – it’s just a problem to solve It’s tempting, but there are better ways to channel the defeat you … Continue reading 3 things I’ve learned in my first 24 hours of unemployment

the bankrupt circus

  Howdy Toasters So some great, fun, exciting stuff happened for me in 2013… For the first time in an embarrassing amount of years I travelled overseas and had an awesome 2 weeks with a old friend I’d not seen in too many years in a city I love A years long project of changing careers saw a first big step and I moved into my first social media role I saw some great theatre with some lifelong idols ; Angela Lansbury & James Earl Jones performing together & a one woman show with Bette Midler & the most experiential, … Continue reading the bankrupt circus

Holiday….. with a side of empty neurosis

Howdy Toasters, Planning a holiday should be a wonderful, exciting thing. New adventures, new places, new lifestyle, new streets, food to taste, shops to see, bars to play in, the list of exploration and discovery goes on…. Stepping out of your own life, even for a moment should feel fantastic…. So why doesn’t it? I’ve always had excuses to not travel.. too busy, not enough money, new job,  no job, study, fear and sheer bloody minded, stupid obstinence… I’ve made them all and now, days away from my first overseas holiday in an embarrassingly long time, happy to going away, … Continue reading Holiday….. with a side of empty neurosis

642:4 Memories of “home”

Howdy Toasters Flipping through my magic book of 642 things I stumbled across the topic ” What is the place or object from your childhood that you most think about when you think about home.” Having a very unconventional childhood in a household of drug addicts, drug dealers, police raids, hookers, bikies, bikie moles, tough guys, domestic violence, changing partners of either gender and lots of moving about  I actually find this quite hard to relate to. I have  a lot of memories and experiences from this colourful upbringing.. most are things that a child should never experience. Seeing my … Continue reading 642:4 Memories of “home”