A Perplexing Puzzle of Perspective:

Howdy Toasters, Picture forcing a giant baguette into your toaster for a moment. Eventually, hopefully, you conclude, with or without help, that the task just isn’t up to the goal and if you want your peanut butter on soy & quinoa sourdough another approach, another perspective, is required. My best game has not been served at work lately. (stay with me, I promise this isn’t a work whinge…). I’ve felt the cool change of detachment, watched this skulk it’s way into the year and trudged my way through what really are interesting and varied activities like a tormented Klingon Targ. … Continue reading A Perplexing Puzzle of Perspective:

BowTie Blues

Howdy Toasters, Ever stumbled across a task you just can’t master? I realise I’m not the brightest colour in the crayon box but I’m reasonably proficient at working with or through ( or at least around) my disabilities… Maths, not knowing left from right, self control, over indulgence, bad habits, lack of focus and direction, passive aggressive tendencies and emotional desolation ( slight overstatement but it works for dramatic effect)… We all have a monkey or two on our backs that just won’t frack off. My latest, and possibly most frustrating disability to date, is my sheer inability to tie … Continue reading BowTie Blues