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Cognac and Pumpkin Pulled Beef

Cognac and Pumpkin Pulled Beef Cognac and Pumpkin are a wonderfully surprising combination and this recipe is easy to perfect, fast becoming a winter favourite.   Ingredients Cook time: 4-5 hours oven @ 160c; 20… Continue reading

Splendour in the Grass 2014: The RockStar Photographer Dream

Howdy Toasters,     Armed with just my iPhone and a photographers pass I was living the rockstar photographer dream! Splendour in the Grass is a 3 day music festival held in Byron… Continue reading

Life is all about the Banter

Howdy Toasters,        Life is all about the banter, it’s pretty simple when you think about it. Banter is like the jumping castle we wish we all had in our backyard (or… Continue reading

The Stockholm Show: by iPad

Howdy Toasters, Every now and then some clever, innovative guys (and girls… though not this time) get together and create something wonderful. This little piece of  Presentainment blends technology, engagement, presentation and entertainment… Continue reading

Muto by Blu , Graffiti on the move

Howdy Toasters, This is one of my favourite pieces of graffiti art.. Well actually it’s more than graffiti, watch and see for yourself. “Muto,” is a short film by Italian street artist Blu… Continue reading

Get your Arty on : 18th Bienale of Sydney

Howdy Toasters! Melbourne has always had the creative and cultural lead over Sydney (I’m sure that will create some uproarious paint splashing that Jackson Pollock would probably put to canvas and exhibit… but… Continue reading

Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster

Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster

Howdy, (prepare to be amazed)

Just when you thought toasters could not get any more totesriffic…..Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster!

another piece of history from The Retronaut


Todays toast is served with bacon (obvs) and maple syrup (do it!)




this is a real cartoon!

This should be the next muppet movie!

This shoudl be the next muppet movie!

With Disney owning both The Muppets & X-Men it’s within the realms of possibility.

It would truely awesome! Which Muppets would you pick to play which X-Men?