R U OK? Day 2019 – DIY Kit


Trust the Signs, Trust your Gut and Ask R U OK? 

This year R U OK? are encouraging Australians to Trust the Signs, Trust your Gut, Ask R U OK? and start a conversation. If you’re planning an event or activity for R U OK? Day to spread the word, this little pack of resources should get you started.

The biggest signs are usually the ones we don’t notice, the changes and differences in someone’s behaviour – a friend not quite being themselves; sounding, saying, behaving and doing things that are unusual and out of character for them. ; not doing things they enjoy, or doing more to keep the diary full of distractions. Signs can be hard to spot because they look different on everyone but they can be easier to see once you know how.

These resources can help you spot the signs, know how to find the support that’s available and Ask, Listen, Encourage ( positive) Action and Check in with your mates when they need it. Anyone can have a meaningful conversation with friends and family and everyone has the power to change a life, or simply brighten someone’s day when it’s needed.

R U OK? Day is only once a year, but every day is a great day to have a conversation that can change a life. 

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Trust the Signs, Trust your Gut, Ask R U OK?- 2019 Resources

Recognising Signs that someone needs help
Feel more confident in spotting the signs that someone might need support by listening to what they’re saying, seeing what they’re doing and knowing what’s going on in their life.
R U OK?Day Trust The Signs Pack
Social Media, Posters, Conversation Tips
68828194_2821775461184693_2813133003977392128_o R U OK?Day packs contain all the resources and materials you need to make your R U OK?Day activities even more successful.
Pack includes – A practical guide to Trust the Signs,  posters, social media posts, suggested messaging and more!
How To Ask R U OK?
Advice, ideas on questions to ask and factors to consider when talking to a friend in need.


4 Simple Steps to a Conversation for more understanding and more confidence to ask questions and have a conversation that feels safe, supportive and useful.
Talking to your mates doesn’t have to be difficult or confronting and you don’t need to have the answers or be able to solve any issues – leave that to the mental health experts. It’s just about being a friend.   
A great resource for planning conversations with young people.

chatsafe image

Includes recommendations on language to use, how to adapt and soften questions, topics and conversations and talk to children in a safe and effective way.  
Find Help when you need it
R U OK? Find Help
CraigOnToastMore Community Help


Organisations and services designed to help people from a variety of different communities and experiencing different types mental health challenges.  
Fearless Friends: LGBTI
Stories, services, help and resources designed specifically for the LGBTIs.
R U OK? @Work Resources
Designed specifically to help navigate needs of the workplace when starting conversations, or raising concerns a colleague, at work. 
Follow R U OK on Social Media
Fresh support, tips, ideas, advice, reminders, questions to ask and ways to help, all year round. 
R U OK’s official Sydney Breakfast, Thursday Sep 12


More deets on  >>> R U OK? Day Sydney Breakfast  <<<

Everyone is welcome at R U OK? Day’s Breakfast at Barangaroo
Date: Thursday Sep 12
Time: 7.30am – 11am
Location: Stargazer Lawns, Barangaroo Reserve.

Self Reflection and Life in 5 Ways 

The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown
Vulnerability is a superpower, you just have to embrace it

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Fulfilling Life 
Connect with the things that light your sense of self, motivation and fulfillment.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 10.05.28 am
When we stop being curious about new experiences and our passions, and swap wonder and satisfaction for responsibilities and routines, they become easy to lose. 
The Habit Loop: Understanding Habits to change and create new ones
Encouraging new and good ones and replacing old and bad ones
Changing and creating habits can be easier when you understand them and know how. 
Challenging  and Overcoming Your Inner Critic
The instinct of the ID + the reasoning of the EGO, scrambled by a corrupted SuperEgo = The Inner Critic
inner critic
The super-ego can give rewards when we behave ‘properly’, as defined by the ideal self. 
The superego can also punish behaviour perceived as falling short of expectations of the ideal self.  
( but that doesn’t mean we always have to listen, the ideal self is a fantasy and the expectations are a lie)
The Smile Jar
Cookies aren’t the only thing that fill a jar with happiness. 
Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 11.30.40 am
It’s a big jar of proof that life doesn’t actually suck, even when you’re in a moment that makes you think it does. Things that make you smile, big, small or easily forgettable, are worth the paper it’s written on.
R U OK? Day may only be once a year, but every day is a great day to have a conversation that could change a life. 
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