This should be the next muppet movie!

This shoudl be the next muppet movie!

With Disney owning both The Muppets & X-Men it’s within the realms of possibility.

It would truely awesome! Which Muppets would you pick to play which X-Men?


if rhino’s were unicorns

Howdy Toasters, I stumbled across this picture in the wonderful world¬†¬† of facebook recently (do you follow me?) thanks to the amazing Jackie Beat . At first i thought it was a super… Continue reading

Kylie Minogue – WOW (Music to work by)

Howdy Toasters,

Pop Princess Perfection…. great to wow you, great for work and great fun clip.


Chinese Thick Caramel & Ginger & Chamomile Tea Pork with Brown Fried Rice

Chinese Thick Caramel & Ginger & Chamomile Tea Pork with Brown Fried Rice Serves 2 Ingredients Pork 400-500g pork fillet, halved 120ml ginger & chamomile tea 1 tbl spoon soy sauce 1.5 tbl… Continue reading


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Going Up [1 of 30] In early March, I challenged myself to photograph a jump a day for thirty days. I made my challenge public to…

642 things:1blockbuster medicine

Howdy Toasters! I recently discovered a book called 642 things to write about, it’s a creative writing dream! Every now and then i’m choosing a topic for inspiration and writing. I warn you,… Continue reading

The Cadbury Gorilla

The Cadbury Gorilla.. in researching for an assignment i stumbled across this awesome old Cadbury add.

Beetroot, Lime & Goats Cheese Risotto

Toast’s Own Beetroot, Lime & Goats Cheese Risotto Serves 8 Ingredients 1. Beetroot & Tomato Stock Makes 2L. The stock can be made the day before and left overnight. You can use chicken… Continue reading

The Star Trek Geek

Howdy Toasters! I often get teased about my love of Star Trek and all things sci-fi…. of course number #1 is the Trek universe. I first stumbled on to the decks of the… Continue reading

Hot Love.. Toast Style

Hot Love.. Toast Style

Toasters love it hot!