New York Times – The Flight From Conversation

Howdy Toasters! Interesting piece from the New York Times for some wiseness from the toaster. “We live in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. However with constant communication have… Continue reading

Procrastination & StickyTape

Procrastination & StickyTape

Howdy Toasters

Ah study saturday. it’s always a joy to be stuck inside on a nice day.

maybe i should buy some rolls of sticky tape and get creative (ie practice the masterful art of procrastination). There’s some great tape art (and other uses) here.

What will you do with sticky tape? (suggestion, don’t put it over the holes in the Toaster.. you’ll burn the toast and i’ll never get out)

Toast Out

comics, the geek and the child within

Howdy Toasters! Like all of us, at almost 36 years of age, i’m all growed up now…. well i’m supposed to be anyway. I hold a pretty cool job i enjoy and that… Continue reading

Jay Brannan, Beautifully

A friend introduced me to Jay Brannan today, i fell in love a little.

He is touring, hitting Sydney June 30. I’m so there

Toast’s Own FigJam & Ginger Marmalade Barramundi

CraigOnToast’s FigJam & Ginger Marmalade Barramundi Ingredients This recipe serves 2 2 x Barramundi Fillet. Preferably not from the tail (and deboned) 1 tbl spoon Figjam 1 tbl spoon Ginger Marmalade 100ml Beef… Continue reading

Totally Confusified! (warning: this is a bit ridiculous)

Howdy Toasters! Has anyone else noticed the bastardisation of the modern day articulization?  I myself am totes guilterous of throwing the odd portmanteau and words of my own construct into my language in… Continue reading

Toast’s own Baked Beans

CraigOnToast’s Homemade Baked Beans Ingredients this recipe makes a large volume. I generally make a large batch as i’m cooking for a group or for the week ahead. The beans keep well in… Continue reading

Empty Nest I: middle aged, WTF?!?!

Howdy Toasters, ** Warning: this blog contains confronting news that is not suitable for, well, anyone**** I bring shocking news from the marketing segmentation front. I was innocently reading my (full of hate)… Continue reading

Lady Antebellum – Music to Study By

Saturday is study day… this is great to study to!

Butter Up.. The Toast is Back (no really i am this time)

Howdy Toasters! It’s been a while since i turned the dial to summer sunset, pumped up the heat and buttered some toasty goodness… After a few attempts ( and yes empty promises of… Continue reading