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Experience 2017

To be honest I almost didn’t publish this post, but I would be cheating myself if I didn’t, so let’s get 2017 rolling. I never make new years resolutions, they’re basically grandiose wishes… Continue reading

Summer is coming, so it was either Ice Cream or Sluggers

  As an ice cream addict a good health and fitness routine is not only important, it’s essential. Even if hitting the gym and making (mostly) good food choices is just about absolving… Continue reading

What I learned from the Fear of Abseiling

Yesterday I went abseiling to raise awareness for The David Martin Foundation, an organisation that supports young people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Well I tried to anyway. As I stood on… Continue reading

5 Life Lessons from a gogo dancer

When I was in my early 20’s I was a gogo dancer in a few bars around Sydney. As I’m about to hit 40 I’ve found myself reliving my youth, breaking out my… Continue reading

TedxSydney: A day of dreams, adventure, tears and inspiration

To stop people in their tracks with something so powerful, so meaningful and so human, that it leaves you breathless. That is TEDxSydney

What if we changed the narrative? 

Howdy Toasters,  What’s occurred in Paris, all around the world actually, this weekend is a tragedy; it’s a tragedy whenever and wherever such brutal violence is inflicted. It’s a tragedy that, from the… Continue reading