BowTie Blues

Howdy Toasters, Ever stumbled across a task you just can’t master? I realise I’m not the brightest colour in the crayon box but I’m reasonably proficient at working with or through ( or at least around) my disabilities… Maths, not knowing left from right, self control, over indulgence, bad habits, lack of focus and direction, passive aggressive tendencies and emotional desolation ( slight overstatement but it works for dramatic effect)… We all have a monkey or two on our backs that just won’t frack off. My latest, and possibly most frustrating disability to date, is my sheer inability to tie … Continue reading BowTie Blues

bootcamp, the beastly bastard

Howdy Toasters With days to go appears that the predictable pattern of the winter unwells has kicked in already…  (with it not even officially winter yet do i need to call it the autumn ails?) Feeling like i’ve done everything (well almost everything) right in preparation to not get sick you could say i’m a little Farkuckt … my morning routine of vitamins, pills, powders and potions to get me going and (try) and keep me healthy looks like a some kind of space age breakfast that really should have done the trick…..but no. It could be said that running … Continue reading bootcamp, the beastly bastard

Serenading in your sleep

Howdy Toasters! So every now and then a first happens.. when we were young they happened all the time, first step, first word, first day at school, first day on the job, first kiss, first hot kiss, first shag, first time trying to sneak out unseen past the housemates of the stranger you met the night before, not quite sure where you are really wishing you had your sunnies as much as a panadol…not that i’ve ever found myself in that situation…. anyway, i digress, where was i? Oh yes, firsts… as we get older they tend to happen less … Continue reading Serenading in your sleep

The Star Trek Geek

Howdy Toasters! I often get teased about my love of Star Trek and all things sci-fi…. of course number #1 is the Trek universe. I first stumbled on to the decks of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D when i was a teenage toaster in year 10. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew were on their ongoing mission to boldly go where no one had gone was a slightly longer mission than Captain Kirk and his crew’s 5 year mission…. it also ran longer. There are many things i admire about the Trek universe and it’s creator Gene Roddenberry. Firstly, in … Continue reading The Star Trek Geek

comics, the geek and the child within

Howdy Toasters! Like all of us, at almost 36 years of age, i’m all growed up now…. well i’m supposed to be anyway. I hold a pretty cool job i enjoy and that challenges me, am completing a degree (a bigger challenge), have a band of misfits the world over that i call my friends, a little silver ferret at home, misbehave in ways only adults can and take all the tease and fun poking that comes with being a self confessed, fully fledged sci fi geek. It’s  a pretty full (and often exhausting) life out here in here in … Continue reading comics, the geek and the child within