10 LGBT TED Talks that will fill you with Pride

It’s Mardi Gras season in Australia and, as we prepare to hit the streets of Sydney with Saturday’s parade, it’s a perfect time to break out some of the best LGBT+ TED talks from all around the world.  Continue reading 10 LGBT TED Talks that will fill you with Pride


What if we changed the narrative? 

Howdy Toasters, What’s occurred in Paris, all around the world actually, this weekend is a tragedy; it’s a tragedy whenever and wherever such brutal violence is inflicted. It’s a tragedy that, from the days of the Reformation to Beirut, Bagdad, Paris, Kenya and all the fighting that isn’t even given a mention today, it’s evident that this need for power and domination through force, violence and fear is just part of the human condition, there is no antidote. There will always be a target, an enemy, a non believer, a nemesis, a threat – some real, some created by self … Continue reading What if we changed the narrative? 

The IRL Fetish

Howdy Toasters, We live in a truly digital age where you can do pretty much anything from anywhere, anytime and share what you’re doing with anyone who’s watching….. all thanks to the technology that’s integrated into our lives. There’s a debate going around that we spend too much time online and not enough in real life ( or IRL). This is a view i’ve never agreed with because i think the technology we use, how we use and how it’s integrated into everything we do is the modern real life. Today on Good Magazine i discovered an article, featured as … Continue reading The IRL Fetish

The World: Getting worse or just more visible?

Howdy Toasters ** Warning: this piece is slightly more intelligent than most of my rambles*** Are we (as a world) becoming more fracked up or is the fracked up just more readily visible? Those of us in Sydney, AUS would probably know that the Vivid Festival is on at the moment. Its a creative, innovative and thought provoking festival of ideas, music, creativity and lights… Among the many pieces of Vivid are the talks held with leaders in their field. I went along to one with Shane Smith, CEO and co-creator of vice media. Vice started as a street mag … Continue reading The World: Getting worse or just more visible?

New York Times – The Flight From Conversation

Howdy Toasters! Interesting piece from the New York Times for some wiseness from the toaster. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/22/opinion/sunday/the-flight-from-conversation.html “We live in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. However with constant communication have we sacrificed conversation for mere connection?” It’s relevantly timed for me too, over recent weeks of running (usually late) from one place to another, or sat at home studying, being lazy /tired etc knowing i can be in touch with everyone through a tweet, a pin, a grind a link, a text or a call i’m not as motivated to be sponateously social …. it’s led me to … Continue reading New York Times – The Flight From Conversation