Brandi Carlile – Hard Way Home

Howdy Toasters, Please meet one of my newly discovered music artists, Brandi Carlile. A great country sound and style that takes me off into a mountain daydream. Kick back and enjoy   Bear Creek is her latest album, i’m in a little bit of country love. Break out the butter, ill be back real soon. In the meantime check out her site for more Not toasted any music recently, shame on me. Continue reading Brandi Carlile – Hard Way Home

if rhino’s were unicorns

Howdy Toasters, I stumbled across this picture in the wonderful world   of facebook recently (do you follow me?) thanks to the amazing Jackie Beat . At first i thought it was a super cute image that belonged on a shirt from threadless, snorg or cafe press…. then i took a moment and breathe to reflect. Once i did i have to say my opinion changed and, like Jackie, i’m saddened. Sure i could think ” geez toast, see the irony, have a laugh” but, as cute as it is, i just can’t. It’s sort of a reflection on our (confused) … Continue reading if rhino’s were unicorns