What is the meaning of Mardi Gras?

As I was shaking the Mardi Gras glitter out of my jockstrap the other day ( still) a little thought sparkled in my mind. Continue reading What is the meaning of Mardi Gras?


The Bucket List and other life essentials

“ (pointing at altimeter) We’re at 3000 ft now” “(thumbs up) Great!… How high are we going?” “14000 ft” “Oh, cool” internal monologue and nervous laughter… “aaauummm… 11000 ft higher?! So, um, we’re pretty fuckin high already…”   Goals, dreams, wunderlust – whatever you want to call it – we should all have things we want to do. The Bucket List. A safari on the Serengeti, overcoming the fear of public speaking, diving with great whites, writing a book, learning to make the perfect pasta by hand, running naked in a rainstorm, solving a rubiks cube without pulling it apart … Continue reading The Bucket List and other life essentials

642:10 What does writers block feel like?

Howdy Toasters, Nothing is flowing. Finding my characters, creating their story, bringing them to life, writing something interesting, finishing an idea, it’s just not happening. Every idea sounds too self interested, not creative enough, too creative, bland, copies of other pieces I’ve read or just not very good. I’m annoyed, frustrated and i want to give up. The more i try the more it feels forced and the less anything, even anything bad, bubbles to the surface. Ideas for stories stare out at me, teasing me, tormenting me… i just don’t where to take any of them. In the (clearly … Continue reading 642:10 What does writers block feel like?

The tale of the Roller Skating Drag Queen…and other life lessons

Howdy Toasters! Something happened recently, a reminder to never take yourself too seriously and that it’s always better to be laughed with than at. This is the story of that incident. “Ok Puss your pain relief should be kicking in now. What? You want more? But you’ve already had double the maximum dose!  Ok she’s refusing to move ’til she can suck the thing dry… Just give it to her” The paramedic with the killer smile telling me to suck the pain away and go deeper with his whistle was kind of kinky but playing dr / patient wasn’t how … Continue reading The tale of the Roller Skating Drag Queen…and other life lessons

Ben Frost – pop culture juxtapositions

Howdy Toasters, I thought i’d introduce you to one of my favourite artists, Ben Frost. I’m yet to own a piece for my own collection and until i do i’m sharing his subversive street art style pop culture juxtapositions. Disney on a crack, LSD loony tunes, Mattel meets meth and symbols of capitalism cooked up with magic mushrooms…. these are just some of the ways to describe the wonders of Frosts’ work. check out more, just click it. http://benfrostisdead.com/ hi score pop ruin -Ben Frost Break out the Butter…. Toasting again soon Continue reading Ben Frost – pop culture juxtapositions

Osamu Tezuka, Manga and fire safety

Howdy Toasters, If you’ve not heard of the retronaut you MUST check it out! It’s a fascinating cultural and historical archive of rarities, forgotten moments, moments we want to forget, the obscure, the beautiful and the surprising from all around the world.  It is genuinely one of my favourite sites. Recently I discovered an unexpected treat from the Manga master, Osamu Tezuka – one for my anime loving heart. Among many, many other characters and stories Tezuka created Atomu Boy (or AstroBoy as we in the western world know him), Kimba the White Lion, Blackjack and one of my favourite Manga … Continue reading Osamu Tezuka, Manga and fire safety

Muto by Blu , Graffiti on the move

Howdy Toasters, This is one of my favourite pieces of graffiti art.. Well actually it’s more than graffiti, watch and see for yourself. “Muto,” is a short film by Italian street artist Blu that brings his graffiti artwork to life. Blu paints his otherwordly creations on buildings and other public spaces, before animating them using stop motion techniques. Watch as Blu’s wild menagerie of characters morph and creep across buildings in Buenos Aires. For more Blu visit http://blublu.org/ Break out the Butter, i’ll be back real soon   Continue reading Muto by Blu , Graffiti on the move

Get your Arty on : 18th Bienale of Sydney

Howdy Toasters! Melbourne has always had the creative and cultural lead over Sydney (I’m sure that will create some uproarious paint splashing that Jackson Pollock would probably put to canvas and exhibit… but it’s just true) but when it’s festival time Sydney can bring it like a cheerleader to finals. The 18th Bienale of Sydney is currently in full swing and the Silver Ferret & I ferried ourselves over to Cockatoo Island to get our arty on. There are some beautiful pieces like Tiffany Singh’s Knock on the Sky, Listen to the Wind. An open air room filled with wind … Continue reading Get your Arty on : 18th Bienale of Sydney