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You’ve stumbled across a friendly, cheeky, dirty, geeky, mostly relaxed, slightly strange ( in a good way) toasty little homo from Sydney Australia. I’m CraigonToast and this is my blog.


Craig Mack

Social media strategist and influencer, blogger, model, speaker, Sydney University tutor, R U OK Day Ambassador.



It’s lucky that I have a big wardrobe because I wear a lot of hats. I’m a social media strategist, influencer, blogger, model, speaker, Sydney University tutor and R U O K Day Ambassador.

You can find me blogging at woofd.com and differentreasons.com and I volunteer with TEDxSydney social media team and the Social Media Strategist for LGBT Youth Charity The Pinnacle Foundation.

As a keynote and conference speaker I specialize and present on all aspects of social media content, strategy, community management and influencer marketing. I also present on the important topic of suicide prevention and creating genuine connections with people, sharing my own experiences of managing depression in my role as an R U OK Day Ambassador.

I’ve been with Wink Models since 2014 and have featured in print, digital, OOH, video and TVC campaigns for brands including Red Rooster, YouI Car Insurance, CBA, Weight Watchers, Diabetes NSW, LG, Aussie Home Loans, BOC Gas and Hanwha. And as an influencer worked with The Bearded Chap, Fellas Socks, Teamm8, Black Leopard, Undies Run, Sydney Cats and Dogs home and many other brands. Secretly though, I’m waiting for my big break as a swimwear model.

With passions that include comics, sci fi, fashion, coffee, ice cream, lego, live music and fitness. A friendly smile makes for a great introduction and I’m always happy to answer a question or help where I can. 

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn Twitter or Instagram or email me at craigermack@gmail.com

Visit my blogs: woofd.com , craigontoast

Modelling bookings: WINK models

Influencer bookings: TheRight.Fit

Break out the Butter, grab your favourite spread and warm up the toaster for a tasty treat.

Thanks for toasting with me, see you soon!