Teamm8 Bulges In All The Right Places

teamm8+mens+underwear+block+collection-04When it comes to Teamm8 underwear, I have to admit up front that I’ve been a fan for years now. It’s been great watching this little Aussie brand grow in both size and range over the last decade or so.

Originally launched here in Sydney as an underwear brand, although the range now includes swim wear and beautifully designed sports wear, I decided to review what every man needs in his wardrobe – the classic men’s brief.

The classic brief has been part of the Teamm8 range for as long as I can remember, and for good reason too. As the brand has grown the colours have evolved, the style adapted for new ranges, and new materials have been adopted – staying on trend with innovations in the fashion industry – but the quality and style that Teamm8 delivers has consistently rivalled even the king of making underwear cool, Calvin Klien.

In all honesty, I think Teamm8 actually outdoes the king at his own tightey whitey game. For this review I bought a new firey red pair of briefs and, as many Teamm8 briefs before them, their soft, luxe fabric hugged my ass with comfort…and just tightly enough to show off its bubbley goodness in style.

With Teamm8 theres no tricks, pouches or padding up front, so the cut is all about highlighting your natural assets. With enough room to move, the cut feels and fits like it’s tailor made.  They also give all the bulge and bounce you need to dance around your living room, or as I unexpectedly found my myself recently – on the bar of a packed club, shaking it with one of our local drag queens – with confidence and a cheeky smile.

Even after a few washes the colour has not faded, the fabric is as soft as the day I bought them and, with no stretching or falling out of shape, the fit still feels tailor made.

This made me think about the other Teamm8 briefs that I own. Even 2 years on my tightey whiteys are the perfect fit, I still get a smile from the sting of someone flicking the band of my black briefs and – as for my bold blue, pink and white briefs, they are still in the perfect condition to bounce around an underwear party in.

No matter the cut, style or colour I realised each pair had outlasted other brands in my drawer, from D&G to Bonds, while looking fresh, staying in perfect condition and highlighting every asset I have like everything, including the underwear, is brand new.

If you don’t already have Teamm8 in your underwear collection, I think it’s time you added them.

P.s I’m pretty sure that my Teamm8’s played a role in me winning the dance off and a cheeky $100 in the bar that night… so they literally are a ( must have) winning style.

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