Good Beard Game with The Bearded Chap

Beards come in all shapes and sizes, from the Bondi Lumberjack to the tailored, trimmed and tidy, and they’ve been even been known to bring instant gratification.

The one thing all beards have in common is the need for care and maintenance. Christmas Day bauble styling is one thing, but no one wants to deal with a scene that looks like the manger on Boxing Day. To keep the beards looking their best a whole beard care industry has sprung up in recent years, and we decided to try Aussie rising star, The Bearded Chap.

For the complete Bearded Chap experience we picked up the Beard Wash and Beard Polish for daily use, and the Beard Oil to use weekly.

Popping open the Beard Wash was the first joy. Made with the distinctly Australian Lemon Myrtle, the beautiful scent has an oddly calming quality, and I can’t help but smile every morning because of it. The foam is light and natural, and the lingering scent of the Australian bush leaves you feeling clean and fresh. It’s recommended to use daily and with a start like that, you’ll just want to.

Next step is the Beard Polish, which I’ve easily incorporated into my morning, and night out, ritual. The colour of bees wax and made with hemp, the scent is a little like you’ve just rolled a quality blunt, and surprisingly strong. It doesn’t linger, so there’s no risk of of being added to the HR watch list or hit up on the street by strangers looking for a sneaky $50, but it does have the same calming vibe as the beard wash. It’s a good way to get the day rolling.

The polish adds a beautiful, lasting shine while nourishing your beard through the day with its all natural ingredients.

My weekly Beard Oil treatment is part of my bedtime routine . The oil is light and unscented, and my beard has felt softer and healthier over the last month. Tested over a few lengths my beard is even easier to manage now and, as a bonus, I don’t get the 4-5 day growth itch any more.

I’ll be honest, until now I’ve thought Beard Care was just hipster sorcery, but occasionally I’m proven wrong, and even I’m ok with that this time. With the right products beard care is actually a real thing, with actual benefits that you start feeling fairly quickly.  

If you’ve never had a beard care routine, or even want to try something new, The Bearded Chap have a range of different products and scents, all with a uniquely Australian twist.

The range is already growing, and a roll on deodorant with a quality as high as the beard products, is the latest addition. This surprising QLD brand is one to watch, and one to try.

And as the ancient proverb goes ” Good beard game brings all the boys to yard”


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