As the ancient proverb says.. “I don’t exercise to be healthy, I do it to look hot as fuck naked”















As an ice cream addict a good health and fitness routine is not only important, it’s essential. Even if hitting the gym and making (mostly) good food choices is just about absolving me of the “guilt” that comes with regularly smashing my way through pints of Clusterfluff.

 But summer is coming, so I figured it was time to put the spoon down and get ready to slip on the sluggers at Nth Bondi. I wasn’t going to tackle the task alone though so I with the help of I hit up Tamara Meyer Fitness to whip my ass into speedo season.

Our first step was to measure me up and set my goals. Standing in the assessment room being pinched, measured and fat tested really is one of life’s little joys. With last week’s Messina still wobbling around I feel like Homer Simpson is staring back at me from the mirror. Luckily Tamara has one of those killer smiles that lights up the room – I may have been judging my life choices but she was there to help.

Half way through my first session I realised how different the workouts were to any I have done in the past.. because I couldn’t actually finish a full set.. awkward. Yeah this month is going to hurt, but game on.. As the ancient proverb says..

“I don’t exercise to be healthy, I do it to look hot as fuck naked”

Throughout the month we made a few small tweaks to the program and my pecs popped, biceps bounced, thighs thickened and core rocked – fast! Even though I watched the numbers go up and up on the app, the speed at which this happened surprised me and, along with a few encouraging words from Tam, I had all the motivation I needed to keep going… until the manflu took me down.

We went in with 4 different types of goals and even though I lost a week thanks to the plague, we were both impressed with the results at the end of the month

Goal 1 was behaviour change – to start a morning gym routine.

I hit the gym enough mornings to be happy, but hardly enough to call it a new habit, so I’ll keep working on that.

Goal 2 was cleaner and more mindful eating –

I ate clean, prepped food and happily ate to plan. Even my plague induced emotional eating was uncharacteristically rational; and no ice-cream was consumed. That’s one gold star.

Goal 3 focussed on extending my max weights and reps –

My weights steadily increased and I could feel my strength  building – in only a few days I was able to finish the sets I initially struggled with.. And even bounced back to a steady rate of increase after the plague. That’s another gold star.

Decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass was my final goal – and I finished with a 1.6% drop in body fat and 1.2kg increase in muscle mass.

It was better than I was expecting and even Tamara agreed that it was another gold star result.

Of course there are added benefits that come with working out to solid goals and timelines, the main one being the positive impacts to my motivation and mental health.

Even if I wasn’t in the mood I did my workouts because I had a reason to… and I sweated my way back to a smile. That’s a bonus gold star effort in my book.

With 4 gold stars on my new and improved chest I’m now adding the lessons, and my favourite parts of the plan to my usual schedule – and I don’t want to fuck up the achievement so the ice cream is staying out of reach for a little longer too.

Get the slugggers out, summer is coming and I’m ready to roll.

Tamara Meyer is a health and lifestyle coach, fitness model and aspiring WBFF winner. Learn more about Tamara’s fitness philosophy and programs at or follow along on Facebook and Instagram 



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