Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar


Howdy Toasters,

There are some places that are iconic to their cities, they’re just part of culture and you can’t imagine a world without it.

Opening in 1954 Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar delivered Melbourne’s first espresso machine, paving the way for our obsession with great coffee. It’s an institution. A small, simple, traditional Italian pasta menu, and a virtually original decor give Pellegrini’s a history and authenticity that holds it’s esteemed place in Melbourne’s food and coffee culture.

With my spaghetti bolognese in front of me Jack walked in to the busy lunchtime rush. The family welcomed him in that loud, animated way only Italian’s can, with a smile reserved for the best of friends. Jack has been coming to Pellegrini’s, sat at the same stool, for for 60 years – a testament to everything the family owned bar stands for.

So grab a seat at the bar, order some of the best espresso in town, talk to the family over a perfect lasagna and finish with cake that nonna made. As you soak up the atmosphere  in this piece of living history that defines Melbourne, you too will want to be Jack.

66 Bourke Street

(03) 9662 1885

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