Smile Jar 2013

Howdy Toasters!

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the Smile Jar by my instafriend @atssini . The idea being that when something makes you happy, smile or laugh – write it down and pop it in your jar. At the end of the year, or whenever you need a dose of happy, crack open the Smile Jar to relive and celebrate your best times.

Loving this concept I kept a Smile Jar in 2013, being a little slow I’ve only just cracked it open though and my smiles are shared at the end of this post. As I’ve been reading through my best bits of 2013 – and yes, smiling and laughing with each memory – a thought, a reminder as a fascinating as it is refreshingly simple, struck me.

We remember and focus on the big moments – the neon lit crowd pleasers that capture our attention like Cheerleaders at half time or drag queens at the beauty parlour – and there are moments in my jar that stand out like the garden of Pink Flamingos on Fire Island. The smiles that fill my jar though are small, everyday moments – the seconds, minutes and giggles that are so easily forgettable.

Moments like the day in May, dancing around my room in a shameless pop euphoria to Miley’s Party in the USA ; in August when the natural beauty of an orchid made me smile; a mid week catch up with a bestie over a pub steak; or just the uncontrollable giggling fits I break into every time I read DamnYouAutocorrect

When I started filling my Smile Jar I expected to enjoy and laugh my way through the memories when it was cracked open, but it gave even better. It gave a reminder of a valuable lesson, one I keep forgetting, the one that almost always costs too much and is learned too late.

It’s the little things that count the most

 As I pick up my 2015 Smile Jar, excited to fill it, I’m disappointed that I failed at keeping one for 2014. So now, with instagram in one hand, Facebook in the other and iPhoto at my feet, I’m on the case to fill one retrospectively.

Will you start your own Jar of Smiles for 2015?


Break out the Butter, I’ll be back real soon!

Today’s toast is served with Strawberry Jam and a side of smiles

P.s Just in case you’re thinking this post gives my 2013 an even sweeter, more artificial sugarcoating than Paula Deen’s deep fried Cheesecake, of course the year wasn’t all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. The bankrupt circus pulled into town more than once, and as usual overstayed it’s welcome (you can read about the circus here) and to be completely honest, 2013 was probably the same as any other year. But today we celebrate the good… just because we can.

 And that’s what makes the jar so remarkable.

Smile Jar 2013 – the moments that me smile.

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