Adventuresontoast New York Pt 5: Eat

Howdy Toasters,

NY without Pizza would be like Bert without Ernie so within moments of putting my bags down incredible pizza from Brooklyn’s Speedy Romeo was in one hand while the other tickled a Mimosa.. just for fun… that’s my kind start to a NY Summer.

Street meat trucks, carts and grills, pretzel pushers, dodgy diners, silver service, DIY, easy eats and home delivered sashimi, when it comes to food, and just about everything else, New York simmers with every taste you can imagine…

I stalked the dumpling truck like a Yenta at a wedding, cured my schvitzing with Vermont maple iced lemonade at the Smorgasburg market in Williamsburg  and, outside The Met, the hottest street meef you ever saw grilled up the greatest lamb gyro you ever tasted. Schmoozing my way around Manhattan like a pair of Jimmy Choos during fashion week, street meat was my lunch go to..

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The only downfall of street meat..Strutting down 48th on my way to hitting the stage with Bette Midler’s one woman show the mustard and ketchup from my hot dog schmaltzed everywhere turning my white stripey shorty shorts into a Jackson Pollock inspired work of “genius”…perfect. Note for future: Street meat, great for on the run but deadly to a cute outfit.

Over margaritas and a catfish burger with the Alabama Sparkle at Brooklyn’s totes perfect UK/US fusion pub, Black Swan, serendipity chimed. The last time I had had either was when, as two fresh faced but hardly innocent 21 year olds with killer smiles, we drunkenly stumbled our way in & out of all sorts of mischief through a fantastically fercockt weekend in New Orleans. Not much had changed… thankfully

That weekend I learned that a Cajun catfish jambalaya breakfast is an instant cure for even the most monolithic margarita hangover. True story.

On another note who knew you could find a real, slightly poshed up, English pub in the middle of Brooklyn (with authentic English staff even!)

Hot waiters, kick start petron shots, beautifully grilled prawns with just a bite of spice, light crusty pizzas of perfection and a décor as beautifully styled as the crowd . Kicking back on La Botega’s deck @ The Maritime with the Sparkle, my NYSuperStar, bubbles and lunch after cruising down the highline is clearly something the NYC fabulous do…

And then I found Shake Shack… OMFG! Now I’m a pretty big fan of grill’d, i think they’ve got burgers right but Shake Shack is all that and a side of fries too. Supporting HIV/Aids fundraising charity Broadway Cares adds to their radness. To be honest  though, they had me at “Peanut Butter Thickshake”

Over at Rosa Mexicana every bite was mexibliss! Not only does the slow cooked Pork Shank fall off the bone with just a glance, your own personal guac guy makes guacamole so fresh it’s an experience. At your table avocados are peeled and shucked and, on his trusty little guac island, your guacamole is whipped up with fresh ingredients using a mortar & pestle. Hand made heaven.

As guac guy, let’s call him Gallagher, was crafting our 2nd serve (yes, it’s that good) our Pomegranate Margaritas arrived in the gayest shade of pink known to P’Town and with the sharpest, sweetest, sour smack in the face you expect from a margarita. We’ve been besties ever since.

The Latin Yerba Beuna delivered a silky smooth Duck Carnitas that would have had me licking the bowl clean if that were acceptable behavior in public. It also introduced me to the taste and textural sensation that is sweet, crispy, juicey Deep Fried Watermelon.. seriously, words cannot describe

Good coffee, real coffee.. not Starbucks, not filter, real quality espresso coffee made by people who know coffee is a rare find in NY and 5 Leaves in Williamsburg is unique in New York, at least I found nothing else like it. It’s a hotspot for the hipsters, the cool kids and those who know quality food, great coffee, a good vibe and appreciate friendly staff who actually care. It’s unique in that it doesn’t feel like a NY café, it feels like it could have been transported from the Sydney or Melbourne café stars and I can’t say I was surprised to strike up conversation with a handful of other antipodeans hanging about.

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Finally you can’t have an eating adventure without ice cream, and I can’t go a week without it, luckily (for everyone) on Fire Island i found Sweet Licks in Cherry Grove (i can sniff out everything from a Vanilla Twirl to Triple Choc Brownie Banana Twist in no time) .  It was no Gelato Messina but Hershey’s do make a great chocolate chip and who was I to say no.

Manhattan has the impossible to miss Big gay ice cream shop, the name really says it all. I didn’t actually get to go as every time I wandered by there was a crazy Messina style queue but with flavours like Salty Pimp & Bea Arthur & a Unicorn that looks like a “My Little Pony” in drag it’s totes worth a mention.
Break out the Butter, I’ll be back real soon

Today’s toast is served with I’m deep frying watermelon bitches.

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*I’ve realised as i’ve written this that i didn’t take as many pics of the food and venues as i thought

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