AdventuresOnToast – New York: Part 1 (Sydney > New York flight)

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Howdy Toasters!

The question with a place like New York is how much can you squeeze into 2 weeks…and the answer is somewhere around π !

With emotions that ranged from excitement and elation at what lay ahead and deep sadness at what, emotionally, I was leaving behind* AdventuresOnToast -New York edition had begun. (* to see what was behind me read my previous toast )

 Adidas, blue and white was the chosen flight theme and with more coordination than any man needs at 6am it was a pretty gay beginning actually.

Through take off and the first hour of the flight I’m not too proud to say I cried quietly out the window and into my Hennessey. I knew I would, I had nervously anticipated take off releasing a valve, wrenching my heart and giving permission for months of mixed emotions to run raw…. and they did. Eventually, staring red eyed and tear stained into the bathroom mirror it was time to stop. Although I was headed to (and now dressed for) the land of red, white and blue, some baggage should be left at home.

I’d spent the morning at the Qantas First Class Lounge kicked back & relaxed, if a little sleepless thanks to late night last minute packing. Watching commuters come and go I decided I’d arrived at the airport way too early but was enjoying the ebb and flow and sonorous energy that only airports can give, and the discreet comfort and style I was lounged in.

Gliding around attentively the lounge crew had delivered my much needed coffee, a piccolo, made to perfection, as I eyed off the bounty of eggs and bacon, fruits and yoghurts and warm croissants that was breakfast, first class style. It was all a little heavenly.

Batman, my trusty travel companion given as a gift to stem the feeling of travelling alone, and I were eager for our flight to eventually board though secretly in it’s calm little luxury, I could’ve lounged for longer. Thanks to the Qantas First Lounge for such a welcoming start.

With the second Hennessey ( I may have had a 10am flight but I was on holiday dammit) my empire state of mind sparked to life and as more Hennessey flowed, the rest of the journey flew by.

In the LA layover I managed one of the quickest and most welcomed showers of my life in the LAX Qantas First Class Lounge. The privilege and joy of feeling slightly grounded and fresh, and not like a broken scarecrow, for the final leg was indescribable. …

Stand up with Judith Lucy, the intriguingly masterful movie Stoker, a dose of New York through Annie Hall , catching up on DC Comic’s Green Lantern and Marvel’s Deadpool, snapping selfies with my little mate Batty and of course my good friend Xanax, the goddess of sleep got me though.  (Even so, after 20 hours of flying I still felt like I’d been hurled across time, space and the planet in a big tin can & slapped with the wet fish of delirium!)  

As I stumbled, only slightly befuddled out of JKF, standing in the crowd was the best part of the journey. With the same sparkle in his eye that I remembered from our last time together 16 years ago, the boy from Alabama bounded up and threw me a hug that only a southern boy can give. At that moment, though I don’t think he saw, a tear of joy landed on the smile I was sparkling with.

We (The Alabama sparkle, his partner Dr S, little Batty & me ) stepped into the Jeep and left the plane station behind for the adventure ahead.

Life was good.

Todays toast is a bagel & served with a Hennessey!

Break out the Butter, I’ll be back real soon

 There’ll be a few instalments of AdventuresOnToast – New York edition, here’s to part 1! Look out for the adventures of Fire Island, Sleep No More, Bette Midler, Artlove and more

Thanks to RB, Mr H & Qantas, The Alabama Sparkle, Dr S and many more for the fun times.

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