642: 9 what can happen in one second


  642:9 What can happen in a second

one second, a sunflower opens, their first kiss, newborns first breath, dance like  crazy, extinction of a species, clock ticks, the             violinist dramatically pauses, his heart is broken, a wave breaks, pop a pill, an idea sparks, lightning strikes, dinner is   
finished, i do, caught by the storm, dancing in the rain, a contagious giggle, that lightbulb moment, holiday starts, best orgasm 
    ever, now it’s time, great news, stub your toe, first word, start to cry, everything  changes, you won, the swan dies, sonata
                   crescendo, a new friend, an old friend, happiness glow, milk’s empty, the last tree falls,  now your late, a war ends, a whale breaches, the lights dim, the concert starts, second chance, an ice  cap melted, exam over, impulse decision, new kitten
arrives, a star falls, party starts, plane leaves the ground, love is shared, step on lego, champagne pops, death takes a
fire, recognition at last, first contact, a kookaburra laughs,  uncontrollable erection, smile, scandal breaks,
love reignites, start a new book, daydream, that song plays, toes feel the beach sand, peanut butter jar empty, a butterfly hatches, a war begins,  howl, apocalypse, zombies chase, laugh with joy, sign the contract, last day ends, sunrise, snuggle in, breathe.

You can see the world in a grain of sand – William Blake

Creative Writing inspired by the book 642 Things to write about