642:8 describe in detail the most boring thing imaginable

Howdy Toasters,

Alphabetising music, movie and tv collections, counting fruit as it’s cut to ensure an even number of pieces and the need for colour patterns are all special quirks that freak me out if they don’t happen.It’s fair to say I have a touch of the ocd’s.

The crazed master monster in this story is colour, colour and order to be specific… and i have no power over it. Hanging washing, cleaning my room and packing pants (UK term for underwear, undies, jocks etc) , shorts, socks, tees and the rest of my toggery into their proper place .. these things are Kryptonite to my power against the colour mad, ocd crazy.

Tshirts must be fastidiously folded, clustered by colour and arranged in tones and shades, darkest to lightest. If my baby blue Grover tshirt is mixed up, propped next to the dark blue Star Trek  tee.. for just a moment, contemplating the cruelness, the world stops..

Socks can only be ordered by pattern. The mad mashup of colour and movement that are HappySocks makes any other order impossible. You have to understand, it’s utterly bewilderfying when the blue, black and orange argyles are staring at me from between the multi coloured party of polka dots. Recovering from the ataxia takes a breathe and a befuddled scratch of my designer stubble.

The same ocd crazed colour & pattern tenets are  also at work with the leather, drag and sunday best hanging behind the mirrored wardrobe.

While this ocd crazy makes everything easier to find (though not preventing the classic clothing crisis that happens every time i leave the house) it does leave my wardrobe looking like the set of Gumby.  Bright, mostly primary colours splash out me at screaming, “wear me, i’m amazing”.Of course even my obsessive little quirks spark up on the gayer side.

Hanging washing is where it really gets amusing. It always starts fairly innocently… the pegs holding up my Justice League of America tshirt just have to match (let’s say they both have to be a matching white). They also have to be a different colour to the pegs on my Green Lantern pants hanging to the left (say, matching green pegs) and the dusty pink shorty shorts on the right (matching red pegs sound ok?) … follow this and a pattern organically forms… and then it descends into madness.

I bet you didn’t know there are a great behemoth of choices when it comes to hanging your freshly unblemished undies. Actually there’s more than you can possibly imagine. As I peg my dripping wet, freshly spun pants to the line the ocd crazy pops into consciousness with a fun loving, hell raising little smirk and a sparkle in the eye.

When hanging clothes some of the ocd crazies that i’m bound by are:
All items of the same colour must have the same colour peg fair enough, thats pretty easy and reasonably normal

Colours must be hung in neat and tidy lines it’s a bit picky for such a temporary installation that no one sees but sure, ok…

Clothes must not be inside out and all must face the same direction ( eg fronts of tshirts, trousers, pants, singlets etc must all face away from the house, toward the garden etc) – wow, dude… you need help 

Clothes must be hung in an alternating colour order on alternating lines.( It looks chaotic until you see the pattern in the detail.) – oh ok…wait, what?

Confused? It goes something like this….
lines 1 & 3 – clothes are hung in the order red, blue, green, white, black .
lines 2 & 4 – hang in reverse order. black, white, green, blue, red.

WTF? no, actually… WTMFF?! Are you mad? (of course you are) FFS i’ll be here for hours and where did that even come from anyway?.. but i’m your ocd bitch and i’m bound by the tenets so sure, i’m on it.

The truth is though, obsessive and out of control as the ocd’s are, boring is never dull and there’s method in the madness.

The most mundane things, like hanging washed clothes & putting away the crisp, now fresh and untainted wares starts to feel like a game of ‘go fish’, played with UNO cards…. and having Whitney Houston deal from the deck. You just hope you can remember whether the “lemon zest” Sesame Street tee that you’re folding is a shade lighter or darker than the Stay Dench shirt you bought last week that was helpfully described as “yellow”. Which order do they go in again? ok Whitney, deal me in.

As for the method in this madness, it’s never more obvious or useful than when a surprise catches you off guard. Need to find the royal blue sports jockstrap and the dark & baby blue football shorts… NOW…. without looking like an overexcited Dalmation digging for a lost bone?  The ocd’s so have that one covered. A quick change into the hot match and off you go, perfect for any unexpected surprise… which you know, comes in handy every now and then.


Break out the Butter, i’ll be back real soon.

Todays toast is served with tangerine marmalade

Here’s a sneak peek at the ocd crazy in action… In other words come check out my washing as it dries on the clothesline and the drawers where i keep my tees and shorts and things. totes amaze! Outfits that take it all to the next level are on show too, created with toasty style of course. It’s the most exciting stuff you’ll ever see.

What’s your OCD crazy or your most boring thing imaginable to write about? 


What do think? Leave a comment or reply as i'd love to know

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