642 – 7: What a character holding a blue object is thinking right now.






It was all she could think about. The blue was even more vibrant than she remembered, like the ocean on a bright summer day. She was reminded of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, her grandfather’s favourite poem.

He used to recite it to her, his voice tempered with the characters and emotion and the last verse always welled tears in his eyes.

He went like one that hath been stunned,

And is of sense forlorn:

A sadder and a wiser man

He rose the morrow morn.

He wasn’t an overly emotional man, no more than most but he always felt connected to the mariner. When she was young he used to say that he’d sailed on that journey, of course now she was older she knew better but the memory of being wonderously engulfed by his recital stayed with her forever.

The memory was like a joyous dream and with a sparkling tear of joy she smiled. 

Howdy Toasters,

I felt I couldn’t write a suitable introduction and  for some reason writing this bought a tear to mine own eye.

I hadn’t written from “642 things to write about” for a while and I managed to surprise myself with this one.

The object she is holding is up to you to decide.

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