December Photo a Day Challenge #FMSphotoaday

Howdy Toasters!

Flicking through the greatness that is Instagram I stumbled across the #FMSphotoaday December Photo a Day Challenge and found it too good not to share.

The creator of this one is a blogger, fat mum slim, and for all the details click to her blog here . Jump on board and get creative! At this time of year you could even call it your own advent calendar.

I’m playing along on Instagram (search for me and follow craigontoast ) and you can play on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest if you like.

To give you a tease and get you started the basic rules are in the pic below but it’s pretty simple, take a photo a day following the theme of the day and post it with the hashtag #fmsphotoaday. I missed day 1 and my day 2 “Peace” (summer beachside bliss) is below as well

The Rules & My Day 2: Peace

#fmsphotoaday rules   #fmsphotoaday december day 2