the artist – enlightened

Howdy Toasters, The artist is a fictional character, here he previews his latest work and discusses his inspiration. I’d been planning a new work for sometime but just wasn’t connected to any of my projects and nothing i was creating was worthy of evolving into major works. I was tired, angry with my lack of creativity, hallucinogenicly sleep deprived & high from a days long banquet of illicitness, believing I’d finally exhausted my talent, in that melodramatic way you do, and needing some light to dawn in the chasm i was staring down when I saw the lamp glowing in … Continue reading the artist – enlightened

Ben Frost – pop culture juxtapositions

Howdy Toasters, I thought i’d introduce you to one of my favourite artists, Ben Frost. I’m yet to own a piece for my own collection and until i do i’m sharing his subversive street art style pop culture juxtapositions. Disney on a crack, LSD loony tunes, Mattel meets meth and symbols of capitalism cooked up with magic mushrooms…. these are just some of the ways to describe the wonders of Frosts’ work. check out more, just click it. hi score pop ruin -Ben Frost Break out the Butter…. Toasting again soon Continue reading Ben Frost – pop culture juxtapositions