Life is all about the Banter

Howdy Toasters,

life is all about the banter


     Life is all about the banter, it’s pretty simple when you think about it.

Banter is like the jumping castle we wish we all had in our backyard (or is that just me?). Some would argue that love is what makes the world go around.. but love starts and is kept alive with the banter. Platonic love, romantic love, physical love (note to self: add to to do list), love of a teddy bear, family love…. You can’t love someone if you can’t banter with them…. Hell I barely like those I can’t banter with and when the banter is gone it’s like the music has died.

 So Love is born of banter

Some say money (uh the sordid topic of coin) keep the world in a spin. Sure it helps us buy all the vodka stingers we can stylishly slam down and a small columbian village’s annual coke haul so we can wittily banter well into daylight but without banter how would we get people to like us enough to give us a job and how would you build enough relationships to want to stay. My favourite weight watchers are those that fill my day with righteous, often ridiculous, laughter filled banter.

 Money is made from banter too

There are those that say confidence is key, with a splash of Confidence (no, it’s not latest Marc Jacobs release) gets you everywhere…. but confidence is shown by the ability to butter up a crowd with your best in show banter. Confidence isn’t standing in the corner, it’s like jumping into the deep end on a hot summer day and taking everyone with you…. Only banter has that power

 And confidence, shown by banter

Social media is just banter. I get to banter with a whole range of people. Some I’ve never met, rarely see, barely know, love dearly and are the closest people to my heart. Even those I follow for more professional purposes have to show some level of banterable personality. All of them, especially the ones who love a good banter, show that spark of wit, humour and personal style and warm my toast with a smile and a laugh, I appreciate fully.

Social Media… banter; thinking locally, acting globally

Maya Angelou once said “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Banter is light hearted, fun, joyous, inclusive, personable, engaging and silly and those feelings are the stuff of life.

I thank you for the banter, please never let it stop.
Break out the Butter Banter, I’ll be back real soon

Today’s toast served with Fanta (just because it rhymes with Banter)

Two lives, the Banterless and the Banterful, which would you prefer?

life without banter
life without banter: image courtesy of the Family VonTrash

 life with banter

life with banter: image courtesy of the Sydney Stingers


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