Life is all about the Banter

Howdy Toasters,        Life is all about the banter, it’s pretty simple when you think about it. Banter is like the jumping castle we wish we all had in our backyard (or is that just me?). Some would argue that love is what makes the world go around.. but love starts and is kept alive with the banter. Platonic love, romantic love, physical love (note to self: add to to do list), love of a teddy bear, family love…. You can’t love someone if you can’t banter with them…. Hell I barely like those I can’t banter with and … Continue reading Life is all about the Banter

Osamu Tezuka, Manga and fire safety

Howdy Toasters, If you’ve not heard of the retronaut you MUST check it out! It’s a fascinating cultural and historical archive of rarities, forgotten moments, moments we want to forget, the obscure, the beautiful and the surprising from all around the world.  It is genuinely one of my favourite sites. Recently I discovered an unexpected treat from the Manga master, Osamu Tezuka – one for my anime loving heart. Among many, many other characters and stories Tezuka created Atomu Boy (or AstroBoy as we in the western world know him), Kimba the White Lion, Blackjack and one of my favourite Manga … Continue reading Osamu Tezuka, Manga and fire safety