A Perplexing Puzzle of Perspective:

Howdy Toasters,

Picture forcing a giant baguette into your toaster for a moment.

Eventually, hopefully, you conclude, with or without help, that the task just isn’t up to the goal and if you want your peanut butter on soy & quinoa sourdough another approach, another perspective, is required.

befuddled toast

My best game has not been served at work lately. (stay with me, I promise this isn’t a work whinge…). I’ve felt the cool change of detachment, watched this skulk it’s way into the year and trudged my way through what really are interesting and varied activities like a tormented Klingon Targ.

I’ve observed this slow decline in performance and interest and done nothing to stop it, perplexed I’ve not been able to put my butter knife on the cause.

With a realization as fresh as popping up toast…. The cause is one of perspective.

Simply put my perspective has been that my present work is irrelevant to my future goals and that future is far more important. As I’m studying to go in a different direction to my day to day job there is (debatable) logic in this perception, it is however as unhelpful as a transporter in an Ion storm.

My perspective had taken any joy from my job and forced my focus from what is (present tasks) to what will be (the goal). The danger and problem of this logic is of course that you need to be in the present to shape your future. I was clearly out of my Vulcan mind.

As I’ve fumbled my way into professional enfeeblement I’ve also forgotten the impact of this perspective on me and those around me. (or maybe I just didn’t care as I saw my present as my past?).

So now a new piece of bread that will fit is being cut, a helpful, realistic perspective is being warmed and a healthy focus is ready to spread.

My new perspective is to Appreciate the Journey, live in and learn from the present so you don’t frack up the future.

Actually this is has been my perspective on life for a long time. I’m as lucky as happy to be reminded of it…

Break out the Butter, I’ll back real soon

Today’s toast is served with lime & lemon butter (a little burst of zesty freshness )

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