642:6 Judgey Gemma

Howdy Toasters,

642 challenge time… what a wonderful way to procrastinate about studying.

gemma the cat I used to have a gorgeous, white, long haired, deaf cat, Gemma, who I’m sure spent her life judging me and my behaviours ( and I’m just sure hated me for a while after I moved in with a friend and his pet rabbit) so this one just jumped off the page at me.

642 Topic: You are a loser who lives alone with a cat and have done for quite some time. One day your cat can’t take it any more and starts talking. What does it say?

Gemma: Excuse me, hi. *sighs and waves tail around in judgement*  No. No, No…. just… No.

Now I don’t want for much, all I want is to admire myself in the mirror, have you tend my needs when I need them and have you give a bit of love when I want it…  I mean come on, look at me…I’m adorable, why wouldn’t you want to. *purr, purr*

For years I’ve watched you do a whole lot of crazy and you know I’ve tried not to judge…. Hello Kitty knows I’ve tried… but this, this is too much.

The countless hours of this star trek thing, watching you trying to witch it up like Samantha Stevens or the Halliwell 3, the make up, the heels, the pom poms… the boys disturbing my pretty sleep at all hours, the late nights, your mirror hogging and mess making, the madness,  the things a precious little thing like me just shouldn’t be witness to and well the obvious attention to me thats lacked … all of this I could accept ….  I could even accept when you moved me in with the weird little hoppy lunatic for a while but this time you’ve gone too far.

It’s about that R2D2 alarm clock you’ve got going on now. I can see it in the mirror and it hurts my eyes, I can hear it make it’s buzzing and whirring and beeping and it disturbs my sleep and breaks my mirror concentration  (oh yeah, thought I was deaf didn’t you… no, just saving myself from what I have to witness) and I can feel the geek radiating from it and it’s really messing with my pretty.

I refuse to live in the house of a pseudo 16year old fanboy… it’s bad for my look and even with your moisturizing routine and stained sheets you ain’t fooling anyone.  I’m putting down the paw, No… just No.

Toast: *stunned silence*  Aaahhh…. What do you mean you’re not deaf? Bitch!

Break out the Butter, I’ll be back real soon

Today’s toast served with tuna (cause the judgey little bitch would never eat it)

I’ve been absent in my writing for a few weeks, sorry about that.

I also have surprisingly few pictures of my time Gemma, that’s kinda sad.

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