The IRL Fetish

Howdy Toasters,


We live in a truly digital age where you can do pretty much anything from anywhere, anytime and share what you’re doing with anyone who’s watching….. all thanks to the technology that’s integrated into our lives.

There’s a debate going around that we spend too much time online and not enough in real life ( or IRL). This is a view i’ve never agreed with because i think the technology we use, how we use and how it’s integrated into everything we do is the modern real life.

Today on Good Magazine i discovered an article, featured as part of September’s #30daysofgood campaign debating, well refuting actually, the distinction that some people make between the online and offline worlds. “Worlds” as if they are on different planets accessible only by Tardis or dilithium crystal powered warp core (mmmm…. just give me a geek moment to compose myself )

Anyway, off track. The article, The IRL Fetish , is an interesting exploration why these two are indistinct. I don’t want to give anything away and hope you have a moment to read. Share your thoughts with me too, it’s a topic i’d like to hear your different views on.

The IRL Fetish – Nathan Jurgenson

Break out the Butter, i’ll be back real soon.

Todays toast is served with a dose of reality


  1. I did take a moment to read the article. I figure in as much as I do make distinctions, it is all the one one life I’m living. This is a very modern introspective post. (dilithium crystals do sound tempting)


    1. I have debates like this all the time with friends…mainly driven by the fact that we’re usually txting, tweeting, instgramming, FB’ing, shopping and almost anything else while catch up.

      I’m a big believer that it is reality and has the author puts it offline and online are not symbiotic.

      What we probably need to get better at now is managing one interaction at a time…. this is something i need to learn 🙂


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