On vacation for the first time in years a licensed cat hair stylist discovers who really killed JFK

Howdy Toasters, So i’ve discovered a new creative writing book, because 642 Things to Write About apparently isn’t enough.  The Amazing Story Generator is a whole book of flip fun that takes storytelling to crazytown! Click the link to read about it. I hope you’re ready for a decent dose of WTF because the first story title i flipped to create is “On vacation for the first time in years a licensed cat hair stylist discovers who really killed JFK” (wow, told you… crazytown)…. Philomeyna Tonkinese is a lady in demand. Every Burmese Persian, Russian Blue and Singapura from Australia … Continue reading On vacation for the first time in years a licensed cat hair stylist discovers who really killed JFK

A Perplexing Puzzle of Perspective:

Howdy Toasters, Picture forcing a giant baguette into your toaster for a moment. Eventually, hopefully, you conclude, with or without help, that the task just isn’t up to the goal and if you want your peanut butter on soy & quinoa sourdough another approach, another perspective, is required. My best game has not been served at work lately. (stay with me, I promise this isn’t a work whinge…). I’ve felt the cool change of detachment, watched this skulk it’s way into the year and trudged my way through what really are interesting and varied activities like a tormented Klingon Targ. … Continue reading A Perplexing Puzzle of Perspective:

642:6 Judgey Gemma

Howdy Toasters, 642 challenge time… what a wonderful way to procrastinate about studying. I used to have a gorgeous, white, long haired, deaf cat, Gemma, who I’m sure spent her life judging me and my behaviours ( and I’m just sure hated me for a while after I moved in with a friend and his pet rabbit) so this one just jumped off the page at me. 642 Topic: You are a loser who lives alone with a cat and have done for quite some time. One day your cat can’t take it any more and starts talking. What does … Continue reading 642:6 Judgey Gemma

The IRL Fetish

Howdy Toasters, We live in a truly digital age where you can do pretty much anything from anywhere, anytime and share what you’re doing with anyone who’s watching….. all thanks to the technology that’s integrated into our lives. There’s a debate going around that we spend too much time online and not enough in real life ( or IRL). This is a view i’ve never agreed with because i think the technology we use, how we use and how it’s integrated into everything we do is the modern real life. Today on Good Magazine i discovered an article, featured as … Continue reading The IRL Fetish

Brandi Carlile – Hard Way Home

Howdy Toasters, Please meet one of my newly discovered music artists, Brandi Carlile. A great country sound and style that takes me off into a mountain daydream. Kick back and enjoy   Bear Creek is her latest album, i’m in a little bit of country love. Break out the butter, ill be back real soon. In the meantime check out her site for more Not toasted any music recently, shame on me. Continue reading Brandi Carlile – Hard Way Home