This is now! #instaworld

Howdy Toasters

I have to admit i’ve been holding out on you, i apologise.

This is now! #instaworld

instagram polaroidI stumbled across this piece of #instaworld love a couple of weeks ago…… and then plain forgot about it as i got busy toasting crumpets and then they burnt and i had no golden syrup for them anyway so it’s probably good they burned as that’s what makes a crumpet jump and then other ideas came to me and all the while this little treat was falling down the cave i call an inbox…… anyway i digress, where was i.. o yes, crumpets.

This is now! ( or #instaworld as i like to call it) tells the story of a city through it’s people in real time… what they’re seeing, experiencing and sharing right now. It’s not one person’s feed, it’s the city’s feed.

Quite amazing and a bit of fun, click the link to check it out (snaps to my bootcamp buddy for reminding of it)

Break out the crumpets butter, i’ll be back real soon