A Toast to Totes!

Howdy Toasters,

Holla and cheer for the word of the day

it’s totes time to shine, champagne shower, read away.


There’s a word of the day that I use far too much
It’s totes becoming a bit of a crutch

It’s a word that portrays something huge in it’s meaning
And said with some modern day tweaks intervening

Fit for all purpose and easy to say
Resistance is futile, embrace it okay

Feeling befuddled, not sure what to do?
I know how you feel, that’s totes fuds to you

Drunk and disgraceful and lighting your fuse?
That’s not how you say it, you’re totes on the booze!

The rumbles for food, so hungry to munch
Totes hungs! say it loud and give it some crunch

With double the meaning totes hungs is a trick
He was uncut and thick and deserving a lick

Totes inappropes! Stop being faux-fended
That’s totes ridic, your knees would have bended

Envy and green, you’re really totes jels
and totes awks is perfect when you run out of rhymes

Totes vers and increds though some find it annoying
The radness of totes is totesalutely gratifying!

So the power of totes is probably dawning
But in a move that’s totes clevs it comes with a warning

Totes is a drug, in your vocab it sticks
In no time at all you’ll become totes addicts

Totes break out the Butter, I’ll be back real soon
Todays toast is served with a side of crazy….. and a sprinkle of Seuss

(sometimes, ie when stuff like this falls out, i totes really, really worry about the state of my mind)

What do think? Leave a comment or reply as i'd love to know

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