642:5 Waking Up Elsewhere

Howdy Toasters,

So a warning before you proceed. This adventure from the pages of 642 is suitable for 18+ & those who can handle a little bit of filth.

642: 5 Waking up elsewhere

urgh…. strange, strange sounds

Fuck my head hurts

squeaking, squelching, slapping?..wait that’s getting more, more… aahh I can’t think….. like slapping but harder. It’s kind of faint though, I’m not really sure whats going on actually.

why am I on my knees?

It’s cold

Doesn’t feel like I’m wearing much

What the fu….what the fuck is going on?

Smells kinda funky too, musty, weird, sticky, familiar. I, I like it, I feel I shouldn’t…it’s, this is all kinda dirty

I can’t see

It’s so fucking dark

I’m just not quite sure where……. what’s going on

I was, I was somewhere, now I’m here, I just…. don’t know where here is.

What’s that? What the hell is going on? What type of game is this?

tied up toast  Rope?

Hands are tied behind my back

Tied up, on my knees, in the dark….pretty sure I’m not wearing much

Not alone in here either. Just wish I knew where “here” was.

There’s that grunting sound again. I recognize it but can’t quite tell what it is.

i think there’s more than one thing making the sound. Not quite animal, not quite human,

grunting, spitting…. Not quite sure what’s happening.

This is all so fucking familiar

urgh my head

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Break out the Butter, i’ll be back real soon

Today’s toast served with..um, well, me it seems lol