if you’re not born with it just buy it

Howdy Toasters,

An interesting question was raised today with a couple of the weight watchers I work with. Over the weekend I met Vernesa and Sophie , a couple of the new reality stars of the Aussie show The Shire, (for those outside of Oz it’s our answer to Jersey and Geordie Shore). You may not know who they are but just roll with me here, I’ll get to the point. (oh and watch the promo at the bottom of the page)

Watching the show, out of everyone I was fascinated and a little excited by these two. Unashamedly enhanced by more than one visit to the surgeon and with one of Vernesa’s mottos being “If you’re not born with it just buy it” more than a few people have thrown a rock or two of judgement and labels of fake, pretentious and shallow their way.

Having the opportunity to meet them I jumped at the chance and had a couple of decent chats with Vernesa… I found her grounded, funny, friendly, intelligent, self assured and self confident, with just the right amount of ‘tude  and ability to not take things too seriously to say she was pretty cool, a pleasant and actually unexpected surprise…. Sophie was far to busy tearing up the dancefloor to talk to and I wasn’t interrupting her fun.

On a side note i’m not sure what it says about me that i head straight for the outrageously awesome girl and not the hot surfie boy to strike up conversation…. but that’s something for a different post

The question raised by my weight watchers, and evidenced by comments made by many critics and judge judy’s on the Facebook is “does having surgery to fake up your assets and improve a few things you’re not happy with make you a fake person?”

Knowing enough people who have dived into different levels of fakery ranging from a little botox boost to packing the puppies and a full scale transition into their true gender I’d have to say no. While a few parts of you might be faked sincerity, genuiousity (yes, I made that word up) and personality comes from within.

I’ve probably met more natural fakes than naturally genuine people with a few faked features and for the most part I’ve found the tweaks and touch up’s made have been for themselves, not to gain the attention of those around them, just like Vernesa’s motives. I’ve also been slammed on facebook by one user for making these positive observations about her… I may have bitten back of course.

What are your thoughts, does a bit of plastic surgery make you a fake person or are you a believer in buying it if you’re not born with it? I totes am

Break out the Butter, I’ll be back real soon.

Todays toast served with a dose of marmite (ie fake vegemite)

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