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if you’re not born with it just buy it

Howdy Toasters, An interesting question was raised today with a couple of the weight watchers I work with. Over the weekend I met Vernesa and Sophie , a couple of the new reality… Continue reading

Get your Arty on : 18th Bienale of Sydney

Howdy Toasters! Melbourne has always had the creative and cultural lead over Sydney (I’m sure that will create some uproarious paint splashing that Jackson Pollock would probably put to canvas and exhibit… but… Continue reading

Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster

Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster

Howdy, (prepare to be amazed)

Just when you thought toasters could not get any more totesriffic…..Reddi-bacon, straight from the toaster!

another piece of history from The Retronaut


Todays toast is served with bacon (obvs) and maple syrup (do it!)


Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows – Lesley Gore

After my last post i thought something light and happy was needed.

This song just happens to always put a smile on dial and warm my toast

642:4 Memories of “home”

Howdy Toasters Flipping through my magic book of 642 things I stumbled across the topic ” What is the place or object from your childhood that you most think about when you think… Continue reading

The King is Dead – new Aussie film

Howdy Toasters,

I went to see this great new Aussie black comedy today. I highly recommend it. Get yourself along, it’s a great, surprising ride.

Want to read more? here’s an interview with the Director, Rolf De Heer!-rolf-de-heer-interview

Nut & Berry Honey crusted Lamb Roast & Spiced Vegetable Ragu

Nut & Berry Honey crusted Lamb Roast & Spiced Vegetable Ragu            Serves 3 – 4 Being a two step recipe the dishes can obviously be separated. The Ragu has a lovely… Continue reading