if you’re not born with it just buy it

Howdy Toasters, An interesting question was raised today with a couple of the weight watchers I work with. Over the weekend I met Vernesa and Sophie , a couple of the new reality stars of the Aussie show The Shire, (for those outside of Oz it’s our answer to Jersey and Geordie Shore). You may not know who they are but just roll with me here, I’ll get to the point. (oh and watch the promo at the bottom of the page) Watching the show, out of everyone I was fascinated and a little excited by these two. Unashamedly enhanced … Continue reading if you’re not born with it just buy it

Get your Arty on : 18th Bienale of Sydney

Howdy Toasters! Melbourne has always had the creative and cultural lead over Sydney (I’m sure that will create some uproarious paint splashing that Jackson Pollock would probably put to canvas and exhibit… but it’s just true) but when it’s festival time Sydney can bring it like a cheerleader to finals. The 18th Bienale of Sydney is currently in full swing and the Silver Ferret & I ferried ourselves over to Cockatoo Island to get our arty on. There are some beautiful pieces like Tiffany Singh’s Knock on the Sky, Listen to the Wind. An open air room filled with wind … Continue reading Get your Arty on : 18th Bienale of Sydney

642:4 Memories of “home”

Howdy Toasters Flipping through my magic book of 642 things I stumbled across the topic ” What is the place or object from your childhood that you most think about when you think about home.” Having a very unconventional childhood in a household of drug addicts, drug dealers, police raids, hookers, bikies, bikie moles, tough guys, domestic violence, changing partners of either gender and lots of moving about  I actually find this quite hard to relate to. I have  a lot of memories and experiences from this colourful upbringing.. most are things that a child should never experience. Seeing my … Continue reading 642:4 Memories of “home”

The King is Dead – new Aussie film


Howdy Toasters,

I went to see this great new Aussie black comedy today. I highly recommend it. Get yourself along, it’s a great, surprising ride.

Want to read more? here’s an interview with the Director, Rolf De Heer

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Nut & Berry Honey crusted Lamb Roast & Spiced Vegetable Ragu

Nut & Berry Honey crusted Lamb Roast & Spiced Vegetable Ragu            Serves 3 – 4 Being a two step recipe the dishes can obviously be separated. The Ragu has a lovely warm spice thanks to the wine and star anise and would be a great dish on it’s on or with a mash or rice. Ingredients Lamb 1kg lamb mini roast / rolled shoulder 50g hazelnut 50g walnut 50g dried cranberry 1.5 sprigs rosemary garlic pepper olive oil 1 tbl spoon honey Spiced Ragu 1 leek – sliced 1 carrot sliced 1 zucchini – diced ½ eggplant – … Continue reading Nut & Berry Honey crusted Lamb Roast & Spiced Vegetable Ragu