Gay Marvel Superhero Wedding of the Year; DC Green with envy

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Northstar & Kyle Wedding

Northstar & Kyle Wedding

Today I bring you Super(hero) news from the Marvel Universe..

As we spread messages of change and fight for equality in countries worldwide, the Marvel Universe is one step ahead in the GLBT equality game (yes.. “technically” not 100% accurate as we have equality in some countries, but not enough of them… so just make like the Silver Surfer and barrel through the facts ok).

 Northstar ( aka Jean-Paul Beaubier), who entered the Marvel universe in 1992, is speeding to the alter to marry his long term boyfriend Kyle.. and they even have their own wedding kiss cover to celebrate their Superlove! (insert “hot gay geek” squeal here).

Astonishing X-Men Number 50, in which Northstar proposes to Kyle, is at your local comic book store now so go and get it! (or to buy online click here ). You gotta admit, it’s pretty cool.

Now Northstar & Kyle aren’t the first or the only gay superheroes or villians to appear in comics. You may be surprised to know that both Marvel & DC have sizeable GLBT communities, even if only in less high profile characters. The smaller publishers, like Dark Horse (where Buffy started her Vampire Slaying) also have GLBT members in their worlds, like Buffy’s bestie Willow.
DC Comics are also ramping up their GLBT visibility, perhaps in response to Marvel, by rewriting the story and character of the Green Lantern.  Alan Scott, the first human Green Lantern (before Hal Jordan who you might know from the movie), is being relaunched as an openly gay man, living with his partner Sam.
green lantern, Alan Scott & BF Sam

green lantern, Alan Scott & BF Sam


  click to read more about DC’s Green Lantern (Alan Scott) being relaunched as a gay man

I know, Amaze! Who knew the geeks were actually the supercool cats all along! (we the geeks, of course, have always known this…glad to see everyone else is finally catching up)

I’d love to have some inclusions from Australian comic book publishers but couldn’t find any info… Might call Lois Lane and get her to investigate…. I’ll let you know what we find. In the mean time, to learn more about the GLBT universes of Superheroes, the catalogues of Marvel & DC gay characters are below.

*Beware: you might find one you love and start your own collection…

Break out the Butter….. ill be back real soon (today’s toast served with tomato & basil bruschetta… a great wedding style canape)

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