642: 3 The first time i killed a man

Howdy Toasters!

it’s creative writing time…. The topic “Write a scene that begins It was the first time i killed a man” and i’ve managed to unsettle myself with this one. Just before bed too…


It was the first time I killed a man… Looking back I was so unprepared, so amateur, so… unpracticed. I made a hell of a mess that night.

It was on the news the next day. To be honest I thought they’d show more of the scene, I was real sore they didn’t. All that work, all my work and all they did was interview a couple of cops from outside. I don’t know, maybe I made too much of a mess…. There was a lot of blood, more than I expected…. I did stab him 7 times I guess.

Blood just spits everywhere and there’s this freaky sound when the knife punctures em that i like  but I gotta say I’m glad it don’t take me that no more, it was exhausting… I ruined a brand new shirt that night… blood never washes out so I flicked it….. you know, just in case.  Vivienne Westwood, man I was sore about that. Lucky there was a sale on the next week, they still had my size and all so I didn’t feel too bad after that.

This guy right, he was real lousy, he deserved it. He was so lousy I’m kinda glad he was first, no clue what i was doin. We went to school together and he used to torment the hell out of me. Not many people didn’t like me, I was school captain, I got along with people, I dated the cheerleader, my grades were good, the teachers liked me. But this clown, he never gave it a rest: and there was this one teacher, Mrs Badley… I got her too, not long after this guy in fact. Less mess but boy did she scream good.  I like when they scream good.

This guy, he was surprised to see me you know. I mean what are the odds of me and him ending up in the same city on the other side of the country, years after school had finished. What are the odds he said: planned to perfection of course. I’d done my homework and tracked him down. It was actually pretty easy, good for me.. not so good for him it turns out.

I’m a pretty lucky guy you know, people like me, I’m a good guy, i earned my success, i help others get theirs, life’s pretty swell. Joe and Bernadette next door, they’re real nice, expecting a kid soon too. Keiko & Frankie, they love it when I babysit their kids and they hit the town. Mr Walsley down the road, I help him out when needs it, you gotta look out for the elderly.

No one would ever know.


A few points to clarify about this post….1. never google stab wound, it’s unpleasant
2. i’ve never killed a man
3. every now and then i can freak myself out
4. the photoshoot featured is actually unrelated but fits perfectly ( and was a lot of fun!). credit @devilboydamo

4. this is a creative writing exercise… remember the book “642 things to write about” & the posts “blockbuster medicine ” & ” boxers or briefs?” (ie i’m not a sociopathic serial killer)
5 . I really need to get season 6 of Dexter


What do think? Leave a comment or reply as i'd love to know

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