Gay Marvel Superhero Wedding of the Year; DC Green with envy

Howdy Toasters! Today I bring you Super(hero) news from the Marvel Universe.. As we spread messages of change and fight for equality in countries worldwide, the Marvel Universe is one step ahead in the GLBT equality game (yes.. “technically” not 100% accurate as we have equality in some countries, but not enough of them… so just make like the Silver Surfer and barrel through the facts ok).  Northstar ( aka Jean-Paul Beaubier), who entered the Marvel universe in 1992, is speeding to the alter to marry his long term boyfriend Kyle.. and they even have their own wedding kiss cover … Continue reading Gay Marvel Superhero Wedding of the Year; DC Green with envy

642: 3 The first time i killed a man

Howdy Toasters! it’s creative writing time…. The topic “Write a scene that begins It was the first time i killed a man” and i’ve managed to unsettle myself with this one. Just before bed too…   It was the first time I killed a man… Looking back I was so unprepared, so amateur, so… unpracticed. I made a hell of a mess that night. It was on the news the next day. To be honest I thought they’d show more of the scene, I was real sore they didn’t. All that work, all my work and all they did was … Continue reading 642: 3 The first time i killed a man

Lamb Nibbles

Lamb Nibbles Can be served by itself as a starter or canape or added to pasta, rice etc to make a fuller meal. I recently made these as a canape for a progressive dinner party. Unfortunately i forgot to photograph the final product so you get one of me instead. I’ll post one when i make them again. makes about 18 / 20 bites Ingredients Sauce green capsicum – 1 large 5 med roma or truss tomato marjoram – small handful salt & lemon pepper to taste olive oil – tsp garlic 1 clove, crushed Method Roughly chop ingredients for … Continue reading Lamb Nibbles

The World: Getting worse or just more visible?

Howdy Toasters ** Warning: this piece is slightly more intelligent than most of my rambles*** Are we (as a world) becoming more fracked up or is the fracked up just more readily visible? Those of us in Sydney, AUS would probably know that the Vivid Festival is on at the moment. Its a creative, innovative and thought provoking festival of ideas, music, creativity and lights… Among the many pieces of Vivid are the talks held with leaders in their field. I went along to one with Shane Smith, CEO and co-creator of vice media. Vice started as a street mag … Continue reading The World: Getting worse or just more visible?

External link to Six Flags Amusement Park, New Orleans

Six Flags Amusement Park, New Orleans

Six Flags Amusement Park, New Orleans

Retronaut is one of my favourite sites. It explores the past, the obscure, the unusual, the abandoned, the quirky and the forgotten and is a fascinating place to explore.

It’s like traversing time, space and parallel universes (without even needing a Tardis)

Being a fan of amusements parks (which i never get to) and photography with an edge, i love this this slighty creepy set from the now closed and abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans.


Continue reading Six Flags Amusement Park, New Orleans

BowTie Blues

Howdy Toasters, Ever stumbled across a task you just can’t master? I realise I’m not the brightest colour in the crayon box but I’m reasonably proficient at working with or through ( or at least around) my disabilities… Maths, not knowing left from right, self control, over indulgence, bad habits, lack of focus and direction, passive aggressive tendencies and emotional desolation ( slight overstatement but it works for dramatic effect)… We all have a monkey or two on our backs that just won’t frack off. My latest, and possibly most frustrating disability to date, is my sheer inability to tie … Continue reading BowTie Blues