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Gay Marvel Superhero Wedding of the Year; DC Green with envy

Howdy Toasters! Today I bring you Super(hero) news from the Marvel Universe.. As we spread messages of change and fight for equality in countries worldwide, the Marvel Universe is one step ahead in… Continue reading

642: 3 The first time i killed a man

Howdy Toasters! it’s creative writing time…. The topic “Write a scene that begins It was the first time i killed a man” and i’ve managed to unsettle myself with this one. Just before… Continue reading

Lamb Nibbles

Lamb Nibbles Can be served by itself as a starter or canape or added to pasta, rice etc to make a fuller meal. I recently made these as a canape for a progressive… Continue reading


this is a real cartoon!

More killer Clowns

More killer Clowns

So Clowns freak me out, that’s been established.

I’m also drawn to and fascinated by things that freak me out.. so here’s some more from the freaky clown files.


The World: Getting worse or just more visible?

Howdy Toasters ** Warning: this piece is slightly more intelligent than most of my rambles*** Are we (as a world) becoming more fracked up or is the fracked up just more readily visible?… Continue reading

Regina Spektor – Fiedlity

music to love

Six Flags Amusement Park, New Orleans

Six Flags Amusement Park, New Orleans

Retronaut is one of my favourite sites. It explores the past, the obscure, the unusual, the abandoned, the quirky and the forgotten and is a fascinating place to explore.

It’s like traversing time, space and parallel universes (without even needing a Tardis)

Being a fan of amusements parks (which i never get to) and photography with an edge, i love this this slighty creepy set from the now closed and abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans.


BowTie Blues

Howdy Toasters, Ever stumbled across a task you just can’t master? I realise I’m not the brightest colour in the crayon box but I’m reasonably proficient at working with or through ( or… Continue reading

Clowns seriously freak me out

Clowns seriously freak me out

Among other random fears i’m a little scared of clowns…

oh the fun you can have tormenting yourself

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