642: 2 boxers or briefs

Howdy Toasters,

boxers or briefs

boxers or briefs

642 things to write about…. adventure #2
To buldge or not to buldge.. that is the question

It’s a hard choice us boys have to face when it comes what we pack our fun loving fellas in. You have to be nice to them as you know.. right position, right temperature, right (or left) side, right colour, right style… and most importantly the right balance between looking like you’re packing a chunky lunchbox and obscenely outlining everything for all to see.

Traditionally there’s the boxers or briefs debate. Should we be bundled in comfortable support with just that right amount of push and lift a good brief can give or take a more relaxed ‘hanging in the bell tower’ kind of feel? …. but let’s be honest… in our modern day we’ve got so many more choices to haul the load around in, and sometimes it’s hard to know which is the best….. and it can get be hard trying them all.

It used to only be the girls who had to sweat it out and choose between a tasty looking teddy, a boobie busting wonder (with matching 2nd piece of course) or a simpler look to impress, but not any more.

Briefs or Boxers?  Jockstraps or G-strings?  Shorts or Freestyle? Leather or rubber or something more material? Aussiebum or Nasty Pig? Or maybe it’s just the Mankini all the way….. your choices are endless!

When we’re dressing up to be dressed down do you freestyle the fellas and let them fly out with the first button or do you add a bit of cheeky style with a buldging brief to bounce around in first ? When you’re off to work do you dress in corporate filth style and jiggle about in jockstrap (and maybe give yourself a happy whenever you move on your chair) or be more embraced for success in a funked up y-front?

And don’t even get me started on accessories.. You might like it but do you put a ring on it, let it all be or just go the full pejazzle?!?… Boxers or briefs? It’s just not that simple any more.

Break out the Butter, i’ll be back real soon (today’s toast served with a sweet drizzle of honey)