Serenading in your sleep

Howdy Toasters!

So every now and then a first happens.. when we were young they happened all the time, first step, first word, first day at school, first day on the job, first kiss, first hot kiss, first shag, first time trying to sneak out unseen past the housemates of the stranger you met the night before, not quite sure where you are really wishing you had your sunnies as much as a panadol…not that i’ve ever found myself in that situation…. anyway, i digress, where was i?

Oh yes, firsts… as we get older they tend to happen less but i had a first the other night. I was trying to sleep after a big day toasting and all that jazz but i was woken, several times, by the silver ferret blissfully, happily, loudly, serenading me in his sleep. Well i say serenading me as that’s what i’d like to believe but, if i’m honest, he was just singing… and giggling…. and singing some more.

ferret singing (i guess this is how the dream looked)
ferret singing (i guess this is how the dream looked)

It was cute, ok it started cute but after the 4th time being woken to the surprisingly in tune ferret at 2, 3, 4am and more the cute went through a number of iterations… surprise, adoration, bemusement, amusement, frustration, sleepiness, begging for no more and in the end, acceptance. The Borg were right, resistance is futile!

Of course on waking up the ferret had no memory of his midnight serenades.. as he ran off to the gym i finally got a few precious moments sleep before heading to toast central for the day.

I never found out what he was dreaming… but i’d love to know

Break out the Butter, I’ll be back real soon (todays served with a sleepy splash of strawberry jam)


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