if rhino’s were unicorns

Howdy Toasters,

if rhinos were unicorns
if rhinos were unicorns

I stumbled across this picture in the wonderful world   of facebook recently (do you follow me?) thanks to the amazing Jackie Beat . At first i thought it was a super cute image that belonged on a shirt from threadless, snorg or cafe press…. then i took a moment and breathe to reflect.

Once i did i have to say my opinion changed and, like Jackie, i’m saddened. Sure i could think ” geez toast, see the irony, have a laugh” but, as cute as it is, i just can’t.

It’s sort of a reflection on our (confused) society, where we are presented with these difficult to attain (and maintain) images of “beauty” and “normality”. Images that are in fact for some people impossible due to their body type, race, gender, culture, genetic make up, lifestyle, health, priorities etc.

If rhino’s were unicorns we’d be deprived of two beautiful, amazing and very different creatures, each giving their own contribution to our world. Strong, endangered & social and with super hearing ( but really bad eyesight) rhino’s stand magnificently in our animal kingdom. The sadly extinct (yes, i refuse to believe they are just mythical), beautiful, sometimes capable of flight unicorn holds a place of fantasy and wonder in our hearts. Contrary to the picture one can never be the other and we should not expect or force this.

This picture makes me sad as the rhino cannot see his / her own strength & beauty or appreciate it & is placing so much energy on being something they cannot. Take a moment to imagine a society where everyone accepted their own strengths, weaknesses, beliefs & dreams, likes and dislikes….. and then simply accepted others for theirs (sure this is simplistic and you could have 100 ethical debates, but for one moment, silence the pessimist and be a pure idealist, i dare you).

Be true to yourself, accept and love who you are…. and remember to never compare your rhino’s with your unicorns.

Break out the Butter, i’ll be back real soon (todays toast served with vegemite & avocado)

What do think? Leave a comment or reply as i'd love to know

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