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Howdy Toasters!

642 things to write about
642 things to write about

I recently discovered a book called 642 things to write about, it’s a creative writing dream! Every now and then i’m choosing a topic for inspiration and writing. I warn you, it may get a bit stream of consciousness so just grab on to your nearest toast buddy and get ready for the ride.

This week’s topic “The next blockbuster medicine that will be invented and what will happen as a result”. 

Tell me what you think…

Tobi had been staring at the two viles for what seemed like hours. What she was about to do next would change her life, her career, her world… this much she knew. She stood in hesitation, staring at the two liquids in front of her. They looked harmless enough, though she knew they weren’t, particularly when mixed. One yellow, one a strange purplely blue. One earthly extracted from the mines in sub saharan Africa, one extracted from rock that was bought back from Venus by the Riker Probe  on it’s last mission. It was 3am and she was alone in the lab. “Things will change” she thought to herself “but how?”. “Will this, will i find the cure to cancer, am i about to eradicate alzheimers or find the key to health and long life?” she smiled in wonder “Or am i about to unleash some hell like we’ve never seen?”

Just as she was drifting off into another one of the daydreams she’d be having all day Tobi alerted herself to what needed to be done. She’d pondered, procrastinated, considered and finally decided it was time. With one last anxious breathe she picked up the viles and poured the liquid into a nearby beaker….. and waited. At first nothing happened, then it began. Like a neon light in Yasukuni Dori the beaker began exploding with blinding glow.

At first stumbling backward and covering her eyes with her arm, the shield over her face from her biosuit becoming useless, then regaining her balance she made her way to the petri dishes in the incubator. Filled with a range of diseases from the common cold, parkinsons & HIV to aggressive monomicrobial necrotizing fasciitis and lymphoproliferative disorders, the petri dishes were there to test how this first time interplanetary mix would react with them. Would they create a cure, a treatment, a stimulant or nothing at all?

Tobi’s scientific instinct had her reach for a microscope to check the samples. She wasn’t expecting much, thinking there couldn’t be much from a glow, could there? At first she didn’t believe her eyes as she checked one sample after another. The world’s most deadliest diseases had been stopped, the samples lay dead, mute, harmless on the gel of the dish. Then she began to realise… not only had she discovered the cure to the cold, to cancer, to HIV.. she had created a super drug, a interstellar concoction that would cure every ill inflicted on the world.

Excited, shocked by the surreality of her discovery she ran for the phone to call her boss, her husband, her parents, the minister.. anyone! Then it hit her, her skin was burning, she was short of breathe, her eyes were itching and her legs were weak. In a confusing juxtaposition, from somewhere deep inside she felt a strength, a power overwhelming her and she was hungry… an intense hunger like she’d never felt before, a controlling hunger and she could taste what she wanted. Flesh, human flesh. As she fought for her last breathe, angry that her life had been taken, frightened at what had been unleashed, devastated her daughter would not have mother, her final thought was of her husband….. and how hungry she was…. she must find him…..and feed


  1. I love the idea of 642. I used to have a book called the creative block or something or other which worked off the same premise. Funnily enough it never led me to come up with a cure for the worlds diseases that involved a requirement to turn into a zombie, but it did lead me to write a story about a serial killer in fishnets and high heels running into a bar after committing her latest crime. I should dig it out one day.

    Strange where you mind goes sometimes eh?


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