The Star Trek Geek

Howdy Toasters!

I often get teased about my love of Star Trek and all things sci-fi…. of course number #1 is the Trek universe. I first stumbled on to the decks of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D when i was a teenage toaster in year 10. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew were on their ongoing mission to boldly go where no one had gone was a slightly longer mission than Captain Kirk and his crew’s 5 year mission…. it also ran longer.

USS Enterprise ncc-1701-d
USS Enterprise ncc-1701-d

There are many things i admire about the Trek universe and it’s creator Gene Roddenberry. Firstly, in 1966 when the US was still struggling with overcoming racism Gene Roddenberry, against many recommendations place a black woman (Nichelle Nichols as the super sexy Uhuru) in a chair of power on the bridge of the Enterprise. That’s a  true innovation in my mind.

P.s Whoopi Goldberg credits Star Trek and Nichelle Nichols for the giving her the idea and courage to become an actor she and approached the producers of the Star Trek: Next Generation (Picard’s series) for a role, any role so she could be a part of the world that inspired her.

But enough about the history. What really stands out for me in the trek is it’s one of the few SciFi series / franchises that has a positive, wholistic, accepting view of the future while tackling issues like drug addiction, homophobia, borg invasions, the impossible paradoxes of time travel, gender equality (thanks to Capt Janeway and other female Captains and Admirals) and other important issues of today and the 24th century.

You secretly want to try to it out… if you’re like me not so secretly get into a command uniform. Be proud, do it! Jump into the nearest holodeck and act out the dream you know you’ve always wanted!

Break out the Butter, i’ll be back real soon (todays toast served with a glass of Rolumlan Ale)

What do think? Leave a comment or reply as i'd love to know

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