comics, the geek and the child within

Howdy Toasters!

Like all of us, at almost 36 years of age, i’m all growed up now…. well i’m supposed to be anyway. I hold a pretty cool job i enjoy and that challenges me, am completing a degree (a bigger challenge), have a band of misfits the world over that i call my friends, a little silver ferret at home, misbehave in ways only adults can and take all the tease and fun poking that comes with being a self confessed, fully fledged sci fi geek. It’s  a pretty full (and often exhausting) life out here in here in toasterville.

And then i walk into a comic store.

Now i don’t know if you’ve ever experienced the comic thrill of the colours, creatures & unreality that a comic book store contains but everywhere you look there’s a wonderwoman or a green lantern, a wolverine, an avenger, a black canary, a hellboy or an atomu (astro) boy calling for attention. As focus returns and the blinding of the light bouncing off the Captain America keyring and Starfleet cufflinks subsides the geek meef hottie flipping through the graphic novels in the corner catches attention… honestly it’s the same level of stimulation as a child at their birthday party after the 3rd slice of Spiderman themed birthday cake.

After what feels like hours of being spun around like Dorothy in that tornado i leave with a handful of fresh and cripsy comics i don’t really remember buying but am extremely satisfied with… beaming like a kid at a wiggles concert that Hi5 opened.

comics, reminding adults that they’re just big kids for over 50 years.

Break out the butter, i’ll be back real soon (today’s toast is bought to you with a spread of childlike nutella)

marvel-lous friends
the marvel universe: one of comics wonderlands

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