Totally Confusified! (warning: this is a bit ridiculous)

Howdy Toasters!

totally confusified toast
totally confusified toast

Has anyone else noticed the bastardisation of the modern day articulization?  I myself am totes guilterous of throwing the odd portmanteau and words of my own construct into my language in the pursuit of more colourful ways to communicate but one has to ask..what would the purists say? What would John Dunne think in this pinteresting, spacebooky, twitterific,linkedup world?

The language is confuserating enough when one word has 3 pronunciations, totally different meanings and different spellings ( case in point: The cold wind blew such a gale I didn’t know whether the weather would turn the wood blue..seriously!) and a lot creative flapdoodle (that one’s actually real) has now added to the craziness.

The adjustification of our language is amazable and I’m sure that Mr Morgan (my year 12 english teacher) would be incontraversibily disgustified. He’d give detention for a simple mispronunciation or misspelling (to much humourlarity I did spend a little time in detention at school, never related to my learnability though)

I think the interweb has a lot do with this degentrification and  as it takes us on a fantastical journey through the mass of creative minds a natural excitolution is unavoidable. A word made up by one person spreads so easily now and just becomes part of the vernacular. Take Meef for example, a cheeky little portmanteau of dilth that a twitter buddy got me all erexcited up about. Now i can’t stop bantering it about with joy

I’ve fallen a little in love with Meef. It’s Man + Beef and it sounds something like this…I love a juicy bit of Meef to munch on. (grrrr)… and can i tell you, a bit of meef comes in handy when gaydreaming over a quick procrasturbation or your just plain borny

Censorship also has its hands in this with shows like BattleStar Gallactica cleverly inventing their own language to swear like muthtruckas (we all know what it means when you hear someone scream “Frak it”, “Fraking Frakers” or just plain old “Fraaaaaak!”). It’s even worked its way into musical theatre! ( for those of you who have seen wicked you know what I’s wickelicious)

Actually “ilicious” can suffix to anything to benhance it…like “that Meef was lickilicious!” (gotta stop, getting a hoodle)

So what makes good fictional scuttlebutt? (another real word). If its meaning is accessible, easily identifiable and bit of fun you’ve got a great new fird..go ahead, create your own and put in my comments!
Mary Poppins started it all and said it best I believe..

It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! and unadulteratable obfuscation in the extreme! I love it!

Break out the Butterine, I’ll be back real soon (today served with honeymite)

The Fictionary (for those who need it)
•    Confusified (confusing + mystified)
•    Articulization (articulation + verbalize)
•    Guilterous (guilty + preposterous)
•    Chatersation (chat + conversation)
•    Myfacical (Myspace + Facebook + farcical)
•    Spacebooky (Myspace + Facebook + y)
•    Twitterific (Twitter + terrific)
•    Confuserating (confusing + frustrating)
•    Adjustification (adjust + modification)
•    Amazable (amazing + incredible)
•    Incontraversibily ( incontrovertible + controversy)
•    Disgustified (disgusted + mortified)
•    Humourlarity (humour +  hilarity)
•    Learnability (learning + ability)
•    Interweb (internet + world wide web)
•    Fantastical (fantastic + magical)
•    excitolution (exciting + evolution or maybe revolution)
•    Meef (Man + Beef) ( I have to wipe my chin dry every time I say that)
•    Wickelicious (Wicked + delicious)
•    Frak (have a guess)
•    Hoodle (hard + doodle)
•    Fird (fictional + word)
•    Unadulteratable (unadulterated + ratable)
•    Butterine (Butter + Margarine)
•    Honeymite (honey + vegemite)

  • Gaydreaming (gay + dreaming)
  • Procrasturbation (procrastination + masturbation)
  • Borny (bored + horny)
  • Benhance (better + enhance)

note: for those who have toasted with me before you’ll know this is one of my originals. Yes it’s a reblog… with enhancements

What do think? Leave a comment or reply as i'd love to know

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